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Raphael Haute Coiffure Left Anna Peka, winner of Blue Cactus’s Ultimate Makeover, after the team complete their work.

Do you recognize this woman?

Anna Peka goes from “wild” to “wow” in Blue Cactus’s Ultimate Make-Over competition
some photographs by Victoria Vincent


IF YOUVE BEEN FOLLOWING the Blue Cactus Ultimate Makeover online segments, hosted by Samantha Hannah, you’ll recognize this gorgeous, glamorous woman as the all-new Anna Peka, who went from “wild” to “wow” in the recent Blue Cactus reality competition—and received $8,000 worth of fabulous prizes from a collection of beautiful, exclusive brands!


Kerri Cox tells how Blue Cactus transformed Anna’s hair

The challenge. Anna’s face-shape is ‘triangle–square’. When she first came in to Blue Cactus, her cut highlighted her strong chin. Her hair was frizzy, wild, and naturally curly. Anna liked her natural curl, and the idea of hair having movement but her hair had become ‘straggly’. Anna wanted to maintain her ability to have curly hair, but wanted a more definite shape, and to be able to wear her hair straight, too.

Anna’s colour was very yellowy looking. She wanted to make it more seamless, while retaining a low level of maintenance.


Above Anna at the start of her session at Blue Cactus.


The cut. To keep the versatility Anna wanted, I maintained the length of Anna’s hair through the front, and “slid” into it so that her locks become more individual when she chooses to wear her hair curly. This creates more movement and Anna’s hair looks in much better condition. I then created a large ‘undercut’ at the back—this removed the bulk so Anna’s hair doesn’t sit out like big ledge at back. The undercut gives Anna more of a contoured look, and the definite shape she was seeking.

The colour. A nice, rich coppery colour was then chosen for Anna to bring out her natural skin tone. Alternating panels of two different colours from the L’Oréal Professionnel range were put through the front section. These colours helped improve the look of the condition of Anna’s hair and added a lovely shine. They also keep colour maintenance easy, and create a simple yet stylish finish to Anna’s overall look.

The result. ‘Wow!’ was Anna’s response. Keri blow-waved Anna’s new hair into a straight style so she could experience the versatility of her new cut. Anna’s beautiful cheekbones immediately came out, and her jaw line was exposed to remove the focus on her chin and highlight the natural beauty of her whole face.


Samantha and Anna go shopping

The difference hair can make to an overall look is quite incredible, but Anna’s makeover didn’t stop there. With our resident style expert, Samantha Hannah, on hand, Anna proceeded to complete her new gorgeous Blue Cactus look with clothes from Harry’s beautiful clothing boutique, and Isabella Anselmi shoes from Overland Footwear . Next, Anna was treated to a make-up session with the exquisite Lizi Castro, followed by a glamorous photo shoot with the one and only Victoria Vincent.

To top it off, Anna received a year’s worth of ongoing hair care from Blue Cactus, which includes gorgeous prouct from L’Oréal Professionnel, a fabulous gym membership from Exodus, an exquisite dinner for two at the White House Resturant, the latest in intelligent style with a Lucire subscription and a wonderful night in an amazing Ohtel suite!



‘I was so delighted because I was due to see my husband for the first time in four months’

—Anna Peka


Above Blue Cactus, inside Capital on the Quay, Wellington, New Zealand.


Blue Cactus
1st floor
Capital on the Quay (1st Floor)
Lambton Quay
New Zealand
Telephone 64 4 499-9262

Anna’s prize package
• $1,482 worth of Gym Memberships from Exodus Health & Fitness Club
• $600 worth of style and shopping with image consultant, Samantha Hannah
• $600 worth of professional photos from Victoria Vincent
• $500 worth of items from Harry’s designer clothing boutique
• a $347 deluxe accommodation package from Ohtel
• a $250 dinner for two at the White House Restaurant
• $180 Isabella Anselmi shoes from Overland Footwear
• a $120 make-up, make-over session from Lizi Castro
• $107 worth of magazine subscriptions from Lucire
• $1,850 worth of hair care products from L’Oréal Professionnel
• $1,950 worth of Hair care from Blue Cactus Hairdressing, including the initial makeover, and a year’s worth of ongoing care!


Above Anna Peka, in her “before” shot.

The Blue Cactus team get to work.

Hair sorted, then it’s shopping at Harry’s and Overland Footwear.

Former Lucire fashion editor Samantha Hannah styles Anna.

Anna’s final black-and-white shot.
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