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Christopher Shannon spring–summer 2011 Camouflaged Christopher Shannon reworked sportswear with desert tones and camouflage for his spring–summer 2011 collection.

London menswear: off to another world

London Fashion Week’s last day was all about menswear, with camouflage to heraldry inspiring the designers, writes Morgan Davison
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


THE FINAL DAY of London Fashion Week was all about menswear.

Christopher Shannon’s menswear has been extended into luxe sportswear. Shannon has reworked sportswear with overstated functions such as breathability. A minimal colour palette in the camo tones of the desert and navy take preference in strong prints, with typography hidden in the camouflage. His clothing could be seen on a holiday adventure, demonstrated by the functionality of the clothes, hats and backpacks long—with bad-taste tourist memoirs.

J. W. Anderson’s continues his design ethic of borrowing clothes from men to women and reinterpreting masculinity. Retro, vintage indie chic has been revitalized, made free and euphoric. Tie-dye, crochet, patchwork, floral and black-and-white photographs are layered up to create individual outfits from the past for today.

It looks like James Long took buckets of red, blue and purple paint and splattered them on to his fabric. It also looks like he’s been keeping all the odd ends of his knitting wool and put them together to make unique chunky knit jumpers. Leather jackets, knits, denim shorts and bags suggest an ideal American summer.

Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski of KTZ have been mixing up savvy streetwear with high fashion. KTZ created another world when they made their entrance, all lights focused on what seemed to be a knight. Heraldic patterns were used as prints, crowns used as headbands and gauntlets as gloves for this mediæval-inspired collection. Medals and baseball caps with horns were used as accessories on a black, white and gold palette. Belted-in silhouettes and embossed leather on modern clothing took the models back to the Dark Ages.

Lou Dalton created interesting functional menswear with a difference. Printed panels in easy-going fun prints have been inserted into shirts and used on shorts. With an attention to detail, Dalton’s collection is for the metropolitan man with a quirky attitude. •


Christopher Shannon


Lou Dalton Salon Show




James Long


J. W. Anderson Men’s



Douglas Rimington is Lucire’s London-based photographer,
covering all of London Fashion Week.


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