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Far-flung dreams

Stolen Girlfriends had the must-see collection for autumn–winter 2011, while Sera Lilly took us to the Iberian peninsula with her designs, as Sopheak Seng continues his look at our New Zealand Fashion Week favourites


Stolen Girlfriends' Club Tailored for autumn The hydrangea print jacket was a fun and well tailored piece from Stolen Girlfriends.


THE MUST-SEE SHOW of the week had to be Stolen Girlfriends, with a queue that snaked around the block of the Mercury Theatre. After photographers jostled for prime position and wet-looking die hard fans waited in the rain for over an hour, Stolen Girlfriends did not disappoint.
   Last Night’s Party was the aptly named autumn–winter 2011 collection by Stolen Girlfriends.
   Inspired by a night parting and awaking with memories a distant foggy haze, the collection featured a hydrangea and cigarette print, which was used on tailored jackets, pants, shirts, skirts and blouses.
   A more refined eye was apparent in this season’s collection from the tailoring, the well edited colour palette of wine, mauve, beige, cream and jet black, and clever styling to the hair and make-up, all done with the nonchalance that is true Stolen Girlfriends. Leather hot pants and leggings featured for the girls, while body con dresses and gossamer chiffons were ruffled on to blouses and dresses. For the boys, it was the biker jackets with shearling, chunky knit cardigans and stovepipes. Fur (faux of course) was also a welcome sight, fashioned into jackets and on sleeves of a body suit.
   Models walked the stage to a broken mix tape while a wall of flashing lights gave a rock concert vibe to the proceedings, helped out, of course, with the thundering drone of whoops and hollering from everyone in the audience. The climax of the show came when the “bride and groom” came on the stage and confetti cannons went off, the bang showering everyone in petals.


AT SERA LILLY, Sisters of San Salvador was a trip into Spain as models came out wearing capes, wool, shearling, and traditional jewellery in the first section of the show.
   The second part of the show was Sera Lilly at her best: floral prints galore came in buttery soft chiffons and satins, mixed with sparkling jewels; floor-length gowns draped in silks; and tired ruffles made an appearance before a Spanish infanta came dressed in black with a lace mantila to close the show.
   Key colours were camel, dusky pink, muted yellow, mauve, jet black and cream. •


Sopheak Seng is fashion editor of Lucire.


Stolen Girlfriends


Sera Lilly


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