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Ketz-Ke A dash of Eurochic for summer ’12

A summer ’12 summary

Sabine Ernest looks at the most fashionable summer 2012 styles in stores now in New Zealand


IN STORES NOW, the range of great summer clothing ranges from the edgy NYNE to the flowing and loose collection by Blak Basics to the resort wear by Mena.

The Echo Effect collection by NYNE is full of stark contrasts and thought-provoking combinations. The women’s Percussion pant is paired with the Solo singlet for a dramatic black-and-white look, reminiscent of the classic asymmetrical lines favoured by Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. The male summer collection offers a pairing of the Mute singlet, Delay cardi and Reflex short, the androgynous undertones present in this combination bringing into question who exactly decides what is feminine and what is masculine in the world of fashion. Light and ethereal fabrics foil the dark, heavy fabrics that take the centre-stage in the collection. Aptly named The Echo Effect, the choice to pair opposites together throughout the collection seems to reflect the struggle of the modern consumer to find the balance between individuality and conformity.

Arachne, the summer collection of Maaike, is a fierce rendition of the bright and breezy fabrics often associated with the warmer weather. Comprised mainly of black and nude, the collection takes this season’s neutral-favouring trends to a new level. The Print singlet dress reworks the notion of the maxi dress, implying that the summer trends need not only be lighthearted and cheerful, but can also be edgy and structured. Layering is also made easy by the pieces, suggesting that this summer will be one of practicality. The Jumpsuit can be layered with tops such as the Cube top, allowing for a more symmetrical or more layered look respectively. Fierce looks are not the only rage this season, however.

Impermanence, the summer line by Kowtow, follows the same pattern of using only the neutral colour palette as most of their pieces come in black, charcoal, sage, sand, blush, and white. The character of the pieces is decidedly more placid. Jagged cuts and cropped tops such as the Cloudless singlet are cut in a manner that allows the fabric to flow more placidly while pieces such as the Boundless Cardigan are sensually androgynous. Furthermore, the pieces are flexible and can be paired in a variety of manners and true to the mode that this summer seems to be operating in, can be dressed either up or down, depending on the preference of the wearer.

Easy, breezy and sensually chic is the vibe conveyed by Neverblack’s The Charmer collection. Again with largely neutral tones, the collection has been inspired by the paintings of English neoclassical artist, John Waterhouse. The collection is like a Waterhouse work with its flowing, lengthy dresses worn by poetic femmes fatales brought to life, though Neverblack is more adventurous with shorter skirts. Even the menswear takes a shorter theme with jackets, shorts and pants, while structured jackets for women take their colour palette of muted blues and faded pinks straight from Waterhouse himself.

While the colour selection favours the brighter, We Will Rock You, the newest release by Riddle Me This also follows in the same loose and flowing direction. The Mesh maxi can be paired with the Mesh sleeve T or with the Scalloped shirt in Dotty, the playful patterns and cuts lending an effortlessly youthful vibe to the summer collection. Dresses seem to occupy the majority of the collection, making it an overall feminine and gentle collection that conveys the cheerful attitude that comes with the sunshine of summer.

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Sabine Ernest is a writer for Lucire.




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