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Above Modelled by Alva Andersen; hair and make-up by Emma Gorbey.

Inspired by imaginary idols

Sarmite Ostanevica is a Latvian-born designer based in London, who has worked on her label for some time. Her most recent exhibition, in February, continued to raise her profile. Lucire’s new London contributor Elina Lukas spoke with Ostanevica about her design and inspiration
Photographed by the author


Top Modelled by Alva Andersen; hair and make-up by Emma Gorbey. Above Modelled by Paula Jakowiec; hair and make-up by Michelle Maskell.


What are the main characteristics of your label and designs?

I would describe my label as surrealistic tailoring: a lot of asymmetry and sharp shapes. For my fashion, it is very important to have a thought behind. Each shape has to have a meaning to me.


In daily life, how do you like to dress yourself?

I guess I am like a shoemaker without shoes. I live a very active life and juggle many things throughout the day. For me completing the deadlines and achieving the goals overtake my dressing sense. I do change sometimes several times a day, depending on situation, but mainly I love dressing other people.


Where does your inspiration usually come from?

Inspiration comes from various sources. For me, visual inspiration is important. I love to gather materials about a chosen topic and then interpret it in my vision. I do believe fashion is art. I get inspiration from everyday life, museums, books, dreams. I absorb the theme in my mind and live with it for many months.


Do you have a fashion idol?

My idol is probably imaginary and without a name. As well as that, it changes with each collection.


How did you become a designer: was it something that grew with you from childhood or a radical decision?

I guess I have been a designer for much longer than I know. It just took me some time to realize. As soon I learned a few things about clothes-making, I was addicted. It took me a few years of working for people and learning the trade professionally. I have spent many years to learn and it all pays off.


Can you describe a woman wearing your clothes?

A modern woman who is full with individualism.


How many full collections have you had so far and which one is your favourite?

So far four full collections: Feminine Army, Interview, Urban Renaissance and Automatic. There is some special feeling about the first one. It was magical and made me cry in the backstage hearing my name on the catwalk. But I am very proud of the other ones, too, and wait impatiently for the next one.


In your opinion, what is the hardest part in becoming a successful fashion designer?

It took a bit of time for me to make the first full collection. A successful fashion designer needs to believe in himself, I guess like in any other industry.


Do you remember the very first garment you have created?

Not really. Probably for the dolls. There were many silly garments I made; my friends had a laugh at them. Now they have stopped laughing and cannot believe my success.•

Below and bottom left Modelled by Veronica Richards; hair and make-up by Veronica Richards. Bottom right Modelled by Alva Andersen; hair and make-up by Emma Gorbey.Sarmite Ostanevica

I believe fashion is art. I get inspiration from everyday life, museums, books, dreams. I absorb the theme in my mind and live with it for many months









Elina Lukas is a correspondent and photographer for Lucire.






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