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Show some love Karlie Kloss models Lindex’s autumn–winter 2013–14 collection

Matthew’s style-by

Anna Deans analyses Lindex’s latest collaboration, with designer Matthew Williamson as stylist, and model Karlie Kloss
photographed by Giampalo Sgura

Fashion collaborations come no bigger than Matthew Williamson’s 2013 collection for Lindex. World renowned model, Karlie Kloss, elevates this further by being the face of this new enterprise.

Matthew’s inclusion in the campaign images succeeds not only in giving the design a face but also an engaging personality. The campaign imagery comprises of prints, embellishment-style design details and luxe outerwear.

Williamson describes his sense of style as, ‘A very down to earth and insouciant glamour; my collections incorporate colour, print and embellishment as they often give the pieces a real sense of joy and optimism.’

Not only has Matthew Williamson designed for Lindex, he has now added styling to his repertoire. Williamson hand-picked his favourites from Lindex’s autumn collection, elevating them through mixing and matching to show his own twist on casual glamour.

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Styled by Matthew Williamson is fresh, bright and simple. Basics such as white tank tops and skinny jeans are mixed, loud combinations of prints. Floral-on-floral and leopard-on-leopard are common combinations, leaving the viewer wondering if they are cohesive or clashing. Karlie’s charisma and youth is most definitely an asset, elevating the unconventional chic look.

Floral cardi over floral jumper screams a frumpy disaster. However, as they are modern graphic florals paired with leather-look pants, it works, portraying an edgy-but-quirky look. Print-phobes such as myself can also rejoice in the incorporation of extremely simple-but-edgy outfits such as the always-effective black skinny jean, leather biker jacket and white tank top combo. The biker has also been mixed and matched effectively with what could have been a Mum-dress to create chic contrast.

Williamson’s fun and casual-but-glam style comes through in all of these looks, creating an exciting and cohesive range. Here at Lucire we love the encouragement of Lindex customers to be inspired to have fun with their style. Let Williamson’s style and sprit inspire exciting new combinations you have been too scared to try before. •




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Anna Deans is a writer for Lucire.