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Bespoke Hotel Number Nine First stop, Firenze, with a well located, high-service property

Bespoke Hotel Number Nine


Aman Canal Grande Venice

Villa Gallici

Stanley Moss is travel editor of Lucire.

A tale of four cities

Stanley Moss has spent the last four months city-hopping, between Firenze, Paris, Venezia and Aix-en-Provence, reporting here on his hotel finds and occasional local colour
photographed by Paula Sweet



In search of a superior mid-market four-star in Firenze? Consider Bespoke Hotel Number Nine, whose normal rates of €300–€800 drop by half in the off-season. This particular property, with its prime location and super-clean accommodation, has a lot going, especially in the little extras that make a lodging all the more desirable. The value proposition is high, the location optimal, with service, comfort and convenience the rule.

A super-pro, well trained team understands what a guest needs on arrival, offering a soothing welcome drink as part of the protocol. Check-in isn’t a rushed process, while it is efficient, and the room amenities are easy to understand—you will be delighted with the size and configuration of the bathrooms, and with a bed you may not care to leave, even though Firenze is literally out the front door. Skylights figure in many of the top-floor rooms. And your first visit to the honour bar is free. You won’t get slammed for wifi charges either, since gratis ’net access is included as part of the package.

Firenze’s outstanding restaurants aside, Bespoke 9’s bountiful breakfast won’t leave you hungry: there’s something for everyone among the local delicacies on display. A recent innovation, a kitchen partnership with IPSSAR Aurelio Saffi, a famed culinary academy, means that lunch and dinner are an added bonus to any stay. At happy hour, order a drink in the amiable lounge, and try not to overdo it on the tasty snacks included with your Prosecco!

Firenze is all about street life, with luxurious strolling, people-watching and window-shopping a necessary part of the game plan. There’s no shortage of bling to be ogled in the gold stalls on the Ponte Vecchio, and I always try and dip into the hand-made shoe shop of the legendary Mauro Volponi, scope out the latest bag designs at Infinity Leathers, and dig the season’s kookiest gloves in Madova’s windows. Roma may be called the Eternal City, but Firenze endlessly suprises. And Number Nine definitely delights.






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