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Paris’s personal touch

Paris has always been known for its exuberance and classy surroundings, writes Lola Cristall. She shares two of her recent favourites


Top: The sumptuous interior of the Hôtel Louis 2. Above: A world away from Parisian hustle with the décor at Nina’s.


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Nina’s tea house, tucked away in a small street just steps from the exquisite la Place Vendôme, offers guests flavours and scents to look forward to.

The house was established in 1672 by Pierre Diaz, beginning its journey as an exclusive purveyor of fragrances, later frequented by the royal family. It was later named after Nina Diaz, who offered Marie Antoinette a cake, called Ninasette, to try in 1778. Marie Antoinette became the boutique’s muse.

The tea house is a perfect escape from the fast-moving pace of the city. The Marie Antoinette tea, infused with rose petals and apples, adds a perfect touch to the subtle taste of black tea. Gourmet jams, chocolate, cakes, soap and other products have a delicate yet profound taste and aroma. A Marie Antoinette bust overlooks the all-white ambiance within the boutique; rose petals adorn the walls, surrounding a few intimate tables where guests can enjoy a cup of tea with a delicacy or two.

With a boutique in Japan complementing the one in Paris, Nina’s looks forward to spreading its wings to the US. Guests can step into Nina’s universe at

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Hôtel Louis 2, in the heart of Paris, near Odéon, is an eye-catching place where guests can enjoy their stay, immersing themselves into its historical ambiance.

Aurore Restuccia provided us with a close-up tour of the delightful environs. Fresh flowers welcome guests to the hotel, luring them into its pleasant atmosphere. With a total of 22 rooms and 13 employees, there is a cozy feel and an excellent staff-to-guest ratio. The family-owned hotel is a historic site, dating back to the 17th century. With two suites located on the sixth floor, the view is breathtaking, overlooking a Parisian landscape.

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Hôtel Louis 2 is a four-star hotel, offering guests a high-quality experience with high-end products including Hermès and Nuxe bathroom items. Its beams and the small, narrow hallways contribute to the traditional French feel. The current owners bought the hotel in 2006 and have maintained its historical traits since. The artwork, hand-picked by the owners, is based on their travel and their appreciation for elegance. To add to the ambiance, cocktails and afternoon tea are served from Thursday to Saturday. •




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