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Bites of elegance in Massachusetts

VOLANTE Lola Cristall samples some of Massachusetts’ supreme spots for epicureans





Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Café Boulud at Blantyre in Lenox, Massachusetts

A talented chef’s creations served in an exquisite setting makes the encounter even more inviting. Blantyre in Lenox, Mass. is set in the midst of complete European glamour with a touch of provincial style, in an enchanting New England setting. Prominent and acclaimed Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Boulud, is a name that resonates nationwide; his culinary talent and graceful touch have landed at Blantyre where guests can dive into a refined experience.

Café Boulud, set only for a limited time until February 2021, is all about fresh and seasonal cuisine that is alluring for the tastebuds as much as it is for the eyes. An available prix fixe menu provides diners with a slew of options including a fresh endive salad balanced with the gratifyingly sweet hint of poached pear and candied walnuts. With a light appetizer to begin the culinary journey, a delightful house-made potato gnocchi beautifully accompanied by a rich brown butter carrot purée follows. With fish and meat options available, ingredients are combined to reveal spectacular aromas and delicate tastes appropriate for any palate.

Desserts are simple yet filled with decadent flavour in each bite—the molten chocolate cake is a particularly palatable choice—while the assortment of cheeses accompanied by honeycomb, jam and toasted baguette are certainly a French touch. Drinks, house cocktails and sommelier-selected wines are also an option. The sophisticated and vast space surrounded by grandiose chandeliers with breathtaking and spacious rooms that look out onto remarkable greenery is a majestic escape and romantic getaway. In what looks and feels like a château in the French province, the culinary delights of Café Boulud with executive chef Jerrod Zifchak and pastry chef Rob Lough are a perfect touch.

While Café Boulud will be on-site at Blantyre for a limited time, the dining experience beautifully complements the atmosphere.



Lola 42

For a city getaway with delicious cuisine and stunning views, Lola 42 in Boston’s seaport district is a definite must-try. The name is comprised of a combination of longitude and latitude, while the number 42 symbolizes the parallel that the restaurant is based on. Lola 42 brings flavours from different regions together on each plate. An Asian touch is represented with elegantly presented sushi options, miso soup, edamame, yuzu miso marinated black cod and a seafood-based fried rice. An American touch on the menu is revealed with juicy burger options, including the Lola vegan burger, as well as macaroni and cheese. Various regions and tastes collide in the poke ‘nachos’ appetizer as raw tuna and salmon, as well as avocado and seaweed, are spread out on wonton chips with unagi sauce and shiso aioli for the extra touch of flavour. The dessert options, while limited, provide sweet alternatives that include an espresso martini and a gluten-free brownie sundae with a bold bourbon chocolate sauce. The simplicity of the interior design is welcoming while the outdoor seating is just as tempting, allowing guests to look out onto the waterfront.


Paris Seaport Bar and Crêperie

The Paris Seaport Bar and Crêperie certainly brings a taste of France to the city with a variety of savoury and sweet crêpes to choose from, as well as French-inspired appetizers. Rosemary potatoes drizzled with melted raclette cheese accompanied by a subtle Savoie wine provide a boost of powerful flavours. A chilled leak and potato soup is velvety and creamy, as well as a refreshing choice to start with. Omelettes and crêpes are also available adding mainly fresh and seasonal ingredients. For a delightful guilty pleasure, the vanilla-based crème brûlée is a must. While savoury and sweet treats are available for diners to enjoy, endless creative cocktails and drinks are available according to each individual’s cravings. The indoor setting is quaint and cozy, the spacious outdoor seating offers guests an intimate surrounding.



Kane’s Donuts

From Parisian-like crêpes with fresh ingredients oozing from the rims to truly fulfilling and satisfying doughnuts, Kane’s Donuts are pleasingly gratifying. For over six decades, customers and doughnut lovers are always returning for more delicious creations at one of Kane’s three locations in Massachusetts, including one in the capital. Open daily from morning to early afternoon, the freshest doughnuts are available with a vast range of flavours to choose from, including gluten-free options as well as cream-filled or intensely glazed pastries. Other flavours include a chocolate and coconut flake mix, a lemon poppyseed with a burst of citrus in each mouthful, as well as a Boston cream pastry with a filling that perfectly accompanies the taste of the decadent chocolate topping. •





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