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Salone Monet’s nude revolution: made in your shade

FASHION Jody Miller talks to Salone Monet, who learned the craft of making luxury shoes herself to redress the balance of an industry that can treat women of colour as an afterthought




Jody Miller is a correspondent for Lucire.


As women, it is safe to say we have all been baffled by what constitutes “nude” when shopping for lingerie, make-up, and footwear. The most frequent designation as nude is a light beige that represents only one segment of the population, and in some cases, a fraction of the populace. Frustrating? Patronizing? Clueless? You bet. And for one Washington, DC PR executive with a shoe fetish, this was not acceptable.

Salone Monet was a political digital content creator with a side gig at an accessory boutique and a closet full of shoes that did not include a nude that matched her skin colour. So she did what any other motivated entrepreneur with a vision does: quit her job, move back home, and start over. Monet studied artisan shoe-making in Brooklyn where she learned to make shoes from scratch.

The Salone Monet brand was born out of the desire for exceptional craftsmanship and the necessity for women of colour to be recognized for the breadth of their buying power and quest for options.

‘I want to make sure black buying power is respected by designing with us in mind, making sure women of colour aren’t an afterthought’, said Monet.

With an extended cadre of celebrity clients that include Beyoncé Knowles and Gabrielle Union among others, every pair of Salone Monet shoes is made to order from 100 per cent white silk and hand-dyed using a meticulous artisan technique. This means each is as unique as the wearer while reducing the waste and carbon footprint commonplace in the fashion industry.

Salone Monet is more than just a nude revolution. Rather, it is a fashion solution that addresses the needs of diverse and discerning women who love beautiful items that will last for years that are immune to short-term trends. Available in styles to complement a little black dress, jeans, or business attire, a pair of Salone Monets are akin to fine jewellery for your feet: beautiful, timeless, priceless.

Discover Salone Monet at and on Instagram @salomemonet. •






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