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Luxury precision

FASHION This month’s selection shows a far greater degree of precision than what “regular” luxury might demand
From the September 2021 issue of Lucire KSA





Perfect pairing

Three patrons with an interest in yachting approached Rolls-Royce about the possibility of a commissioned vehicle, something more exclusive than what the retail range offered. Rolls-Royce’s designers conceived a distinctive shape for these clients, and although the trio have a common silhouette, each will be appointed uniquely for its keeper. It is understood that each costs US$28 million, making the new Boat Tail the most expensive street-legal car on sale. There is a link to the 1932 Boat Tail that the first client also owns. To complement the cars, Rolls-Royce has collaborated with Bovet 1822 on timepieces for the cars’ owners, made in pairs (his and hers), and able to be worn on the wrist, used as a table clock, pendant or pocket watch, or inserted into the cars’ fascia. Each timepiece is unique, complementing the full-sized vehicle, and took 3,000 hours to complete.


Earthly tribute

Arnold & Son’s Globetrotter Gold pays homage to Planet Earth, with the Northern Hemisphere’s detail on the face showing land and sea, the latter hand-painted. It is held by an open worked bridge in solid gold. The timepiece displays dual times, with a ruby at the centre holding the axis. The face itself measures an immense 45 mm. Inside is Arnold & Son’s A&S6022 automatic calibre, with 22 ct red gold used as the oscillating weight. The watch is priced at SFr.41,900 excl. tax at time of press.


Lunar setting

From the earth to the moon. Arnold & Son’s Luna Magna Ultimate I is a follow-up to the watchmaker’s Luna Magna model. Their craftspeople have placed a 12 mm mechanical star inside the case, an impressive achievement. The moon takes pride of place, a sphere in white gold with 161 brilliant-cut diamonds for daytime and 161 blue sapphires for night, rotating as the day shifts forward. The face itself is made of hundreds of pure ruthenium crystals that are then blued. The 44 mm case is in white gold, with 7·62 ct of diamonds. Around the bezel are 112 baguette-cut diamonds, totalling 5·90 ct. The movement is the Arnold & Son A&S1021 hand-wound calibre, with a power reserve of 90 hours. It is extremely accurate, requiring 122 years for the movement to accrue a one-day interval between the watch display and the actual lunar cycle. Retail price is SFr.169,000 excluding tax. •






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