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A fresh bite into New England

VOLANTE Massachusetts is richer with the farm-to-table experiences of the Woods Hill Farm restaurants in Boston and Concord, writes Lola Cristall



Woods Hill Pier 4 executive chef Charlie Foster and owner Kristin Canty

Allow us to delve into an extravagant and creative farm-to-table experience that can be found in Massachusetts. Operating owner Kristin Canty and talented and creative executive chef Charlie Foster reveal delectable dishes that encompass truly fresh ingredients directly from surrounding farms, including their 360-acre family farm in Bath, New Hampshire.

Kristin purchased the Farm at Woods Hill in 2013, and it has been a source for a slew of sustainable ingredients including apples, pumpkins, and two hundred varieties of mushrooms, while also raising pigs, cows and other sources for meat. Chef Charlie is a truly innovative and creative culinary artist as the farm serves as his colour palette, while each dish symbolizes his canvas for his absolute masterpieces.

These masterpieces can be found in Boston and Concord, including Woods Hill Farm Pier 4 at the Seaport, overlooking breathtaking, magnificent views of the water. Start your culinary journey with caviar served in a ball-shaped ice holder, accompanied by freshly served popovers as well as finely chopped chives and shallots and a dollop of crème fraîche. Continue your culinary adventure with fresh oysters as well as their delectable roasted beet salad, beautifully paired with preserved kumquats, whipped goat yoghurt and pistachio crumble, for a flavoursome crunch of delight. The squid ink casarecce pasta is a treat to the tastebuds, delicately mixed with a lobster and crab ragu, and broccoli rabe. For a third course, a raft of pescatarian, vegetarian and meat options are available, from swordfish or hake to Woods Hill Farm pork shoulder or duck breast. The bar provides cocktails, mocktails and a seemingly endless wine list.


From farm to table at Boston’s Woods Hill Farm Pier 4


As we turn to desserts, keep it simple with various daily home-made ice-cream, an inviting chocolate mocha bomb with chocolate crumble, or a vanilla bean cheesecake with a trace of blueberry sauce. For an even more fulfilling palate cleanser, opt for Woods Hill’s cheese platter offering a variety of up to four farm-fresh local cheeses.

For a true touch of New England, head to Woods Hill Table. With an inviting stone-built fireplace at the entrance, the cabin-like ambiance makes for a truly cozy and delightful experience. The name West Concord hangs above the bar, reminding us where the West Concord supermarket once stood, as photographs of the family farm adorn the walls.

Chef Charlie continues to amaze us with his appetizing culinary alternatives that differ considerably to their sister restaurant’s offerings in Boston. A celery root soup is a perfect way to start the culinary journey, accompanied by a touch of saffron as well as a delicate hint of tarragon oil for an ever-so enticing taste. The roasted beet salad is accompanied by a tahini base with a drizzle of a subtle champagne vinaigrette as well as sumac pine nuts. Delving into the entrée selections, the pumpkin risotto provides a creamy consistency presented in an appealing fashion. The bowl of risotto, which is mixed with a lite pumpkin purée, is topped with foraged mushrooms, sweet and sour peppers and fried sage, incorporating many tastes into one dish. The halibut à la plancha is a simply enticing experience, served atop squid ink rice and complemented by crispy calamari. For the meat eaters, opt for the Woods Hill Farm pork with polenta and foraged mushrooms or simply the 100 per cent grass-fed steak frites.

Head to Kristin’s third restaurant, Adelita, serving a tasteful menu from quesadillas and tacos, to nachos and more Mexican specialties that incorporate farm-fresh ingredients in each dish.

Kristin is all about serving guests mouth-watering food that is wholesome, delicious and nourishing. Her inspiration and commitment to the world of cuisine are demonstrated in each plate.

You have not really visited Massachusetts if you have not visited Woods Hill Farm’s culinary destinations, where captivating cuisine, a sensational atmosphere and hospitable service await. We impatiently look forward to the Woods Hill Farm concept to expand as Chef Charlie and Kristin continue to unveil creative culinary inspirations for food aficionados to enjoy. •


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.


Above: Woods Hill Table in West Concord.





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