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fashion: the circuit

Frankie Morello chases the blues awayFrankie Morello chases the blues away

Moda di Milano—Milan Fashion Week to the Anglophones—cements itself as the centre of creativity in the fashion world, as Frankie Morello blows away any recessionary blues with his autumn–winter 2009–10 collection
photographed by Thomaz

WHILE Lucire has typically covered New York and London fashion weeks in more depth, Milano has been a different kettle of fish, usually dependent on contacts and budgets.

Thomaz, one of the very talented photographers we have come into contact with over the years, has been attending the collections, shooting, for starters, Frankie Morello’s autumn–winter 2009–10 collection.

Italy has not been as exposed to the global financial crisis as most nations—one commentator noted how it had fewer Starbucks and was, therefore, less affected by globalized problems—and Morello certainly designed as though there were no concerns on the monetary markets.

After all, history has shown that no matter how hard times get, there’ll always be people who want to look great and are willing to fork out for the latest collections. It came as Roberto Cavalli cancelled his presentation and Armani went jittery over retail sales—but it’s times like this when less known designers can capitalize on their flatter management structures and forge ahead.

Morello went for origami and geometry in his autumn–winter vision, and his three-dimensional cones and gathering made for a startling, welcome collection. •


continued: Byblos


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It’s times like this when less known designers can capitalize on their flatter management structures and forge ahead

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