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Lucire: Fashion
the circuit

The colour of a Madrid winter



Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, photographed by Victor Puig Devota & Lomba The complete collection—again with an emphasis on colour and geometry


A lot can be said for Spanish fashion, and there’s a reason that it isn’t the biggest one in the world. This 53rd edition was way better than the last one. However, none of the trends were very inspiring. We could see a lot of sophisticated, luxurious collections in a very español style, but also good ones on the highest world level. A lot of furs, colours and high heels. Just what you need for winter. Hopefully, next season, Spanish designers will have better stories to tell. •


Joanna Mroczkowska is a correspondent for Lucire.




Javier Larrainzar

Robert Verino

Devota & Lomba

Francis Montesinos

Francis Montesinos


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