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Lucire: Living

What’s in issue 29 of Lucire, in addition to Laura Vandervoort?

Laura Vandervoort on the cover of Lucire issue 29

From Courtney Dailey’s photograph of Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, V, Ted) to our outstanding, exclusive features, check out what you are getting when you order the latest issue of Lucire in print, for Ipad, Android or PDF


13 Editorial
Commemorating our 15th anniversary

16 Sign of a victory

WAGs—the wives and girlfriends of football players—continue to be fêted globally. Sarah MacKenzie examines a cross-section and asks what the source of their power is

28 Red, white and blew
The spring–summer 2013 collections show fashion’s cyclical nature. Tiffany Fernando checks out collections from both sides of the Pond and points out the major trends
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography

34 WOW goes global
The Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art Show, about to celebrate its quarter-century, saw international designers compete against its native New Zealand ones—to an unprecedented result. Jack Yan gets up close for 2012
photographed by Victor Huang

42 Swimming deep
The darlings at New Zealand Fashion Week’s autumn–winter 2013 shows were the duo from Surface Too Deep. Sopheak Seng looks at the label and its future plans

63 The history of smelling expensive
Geneviève Hole heads to Grasse to uncover the evolution of perfumes, and finds that among all the commercialism are a handful of parfumeries creating distinctive, rare scents

68 Chase to the cut
Contrary to expectations, short hair makes you more feminine and brings a consistent elegance. Tiffany Fernando speaks from experience about this hair trend

Cover story: 108 V for Vandervoort
Jack Yan speaks to Laura Vandervoort, about her latest feature Ted, getting a cult following from V and Smallville, being named one of the hottest women in magazines, and her plans beyond acting
photographed by Courtney Dailey

119 The legend of Pininfarina
Sergio Pininfarina, one of the most famed car designers in automotive history, passed away earlier this year. Jack Yan looks at his legacy

122 Drawing on passion
You will have seen her byline in Lucire, but Katherine Thomson’s real passion is illustration. We speak with her about her new business

128 The Route less travelled
David Machowski has always had a hankering to journey through the us’s historical Route 66. He finally indulges himself, heading west and discovering a quintessentially American romantic past

137 Good things come
The über-fashionable Ohtel in Wellington is very trendy and stylish—but it doesn’t commit the sin of some other boutique hotels that make similar claims. Lucire digs deeper
by Victoria Jones


48 Éclat des fleurs
photographed by Dorit Thies

57 Petals to petals
photographed by Amanda Bruns

70 Appalachia
photographed by John Sayer-White

84 The accidental geisha
photographed by Louise Hatton/Louise Hatton Photography
creative direction by Sopheak Seng

92 The girl with the sun in her hair
photographed by TJ Manou

99 Bloom
photographed by Dirk Bader

Plus our usual departments: fashion, beauty, Living, Volante, and Luxury Line.

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