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Travis Jourdain

Time to skull Stephanie Pratt (The Hills) with Kah Tequila at Kathy Duliakas’s 5th Annual Oscar Suite & Party

That red-carpet feeling


From top Celebs mugging it in Nicholas Bishop (Body of Proof) with Kah Tequila. Todd Lasance (Spartacus: War of the Damned) and friends. Matthew Fahey (MTV’s Awkward) and friends.


Kathy Duliakas’s 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite & Party
Event planner Kathy Duliakas’s 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite & Party was a fresh, new experience by virtue of their choice of venue, for starters. The event was staged at the Taglyan Cultural Complex, an architecturally interesting venue not far from the fabled Hollywood and Vine intersection that has served Los Angeles’ growing Armenian community. However, Duliakas demonstrated that she could appeal to different celebrities and industry professionals with a great mix of products that made their mark a decade ago during the heyday of the suites.

The charity spotlighted was the Kind Campaign, organized by Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson; Parsekian’s fiancé, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, is also a strong supporter of the cause. The two founders, affected by female bullying, produced a documentary and non-profit in the hopes of raising awareness for the girl-against-girl bullying problem that is now regarded as a social issue needing widespread attention. Since the inception of the programme, the founders have gone on three national tours, and circulated their school assembly programme and documentary film to hundreds of schools and communities.

The winners

Mary Beth ‘M. B.’ York is still going strong a full decade after we first discovered her Beauty Ammo kits at the Silver Spoons Beauty Buffet suites back in the day. Today, she is still out there fighting the good fight for beauty and self-esteem, with the launch of a tube (that works as a dress, skirt or top), a tricked out Beauty Cruiser bicycle, and a Weapons of Mass Seduction beauty kit.

Single Dress: designer-turned-media personality Galina Sobelov showed off this season’s flirty pastel palette as well as floral prints that echo Gucci’s florals from a few seasons back and Praubal Garung’s flirty æsthetic (the latest designer to bring glamour to all-comers via Target). What makes Galina’s take special? She reconciles quality fabrics and reasonable prices. Goga by Gordana, meanwhile, makes pretty packable with versatile scarves that work in different guises—structured shawl, blouse, cover-up or skirt.

Hot Iron Holster: this nifty silicon pouch adheres to your sink or bathroom counter. You invest in those professional hair dryers and stylers, so why not go the extra mile to keep your own work space organized and accident-free?

Twisted Silver designer Deborah Mitchell was not only wowing guests with her found-object inspired and eco-friendly fashion jewellery line, but this time doing a full roll-out of her new sister collection, Perch, which takes her æsthetic in a more classical, vintage-inspired direction with dressier looks, pearls and embellishments.

Chilanthropy: line creator Rey Herrera offered us shower tea—an interesting beauty solution for shower girls and frequent fliers who want a spa experience on the go when a bathtub is nowhere in sight. What was really uplifting, however, is that he’s endeavoured to make the line live up to its name. He donates five per cent of the sale price to different environmental charities and organizations, such as Pedals for Progress, Kids Saving the Rainforest, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and the Mesoamerican Reef-to-Ridge Alliance. ‘We hope to offset the carbon footprint of use and production of our products,’ he says. ‘The charity is chosen based on the theme of the candle and how it can help the indigenous area. These organizations have full access to our sales and tax records.’

Floruish by Isabeau Skin Care: another multi-tasking, routine simplifying cream made from a multisource fortified formula that fuses over thirty clinically tested natural ingredients and pharmaceutical grade antioxidants, to increase and regulate moisture, prevent drying and cracking, and neutralize age-accelerating free radicals, thereby promoting an even skin tone.

Dharma Smart: though the upbeat founder Lissa Coffey was promoting her inspirational book—a light read intended to find one’s life’s purpose or the dharma—and showing a portion of her lifestyle product line, we enjoyed the website even more.





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