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On the catwalk Alexandria von Bromssen made the cut on Project Runway

Alexandria von Bromssen: the show must go on

Tamara Madison interviews Bay Area designer, Alexandria von Bromssen, one of the Project Runway finalists who showed at New York Fashion Week

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, then you’re likely no stranger to being (at the very least) a little familiar with the hit reality TV series, Project Runway. There’s always a part of television that purely entertains. But, when a competition is also involved, it’s far more than that, especially for reality TV! Season 12 of Lifetime’s Project Runway delivered a selection of strong-willed designers to challenge themselves as they battled each other for a grand reward!

The diverse group of designers could have their moment to stand out at any given time, but it was not going to be an easy task. There was the obvious fashion, the timed challenges, heavy critiquing, including celebrity guest judges, and of course what’s fashion without a smidgen of drama?

With each week, spectators tuned in as another designer was sent home in true Project Runway fashion. But, this ending season also seemed to have the fans and the show’s contestants fervently chatting, as well as some designers, taking their views to social media.

Bay Area designer, Alexandria von Bromssen, was fortunate enough to make this season’s final cut to show her collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. She produced a collection of smart-looking separates that embodied her design æsthetic, which the designer herself describes as, ‘nonchalant, edgy, and chic.’

‘You don’t know how hard it is not sleeping for six weeks. It’s awful! I thought I did well. I think I come off as the ice queen, and I’m not. With the stuff that I could deal with in the time frame realistically, I was holding out to the end,’ Bromssen said.

Just as every competition finalé, there must be a winner. Viewers waited with bated breath in the closing hour to hear what designer would be chosen as the winner, and who Heidi Klum would finally bid, ‘Auf Wiedersehen,’ to once more—as the judges stated that choosing the winner of season 12 was one of the most difficult decisions they had to make.

Dom Streater, a Philadelphia-based designer and winner of season 12, showcased a graphically bold and colourful collection that she called ‘Retro Redux’. All of the collections from the finalists were very different from one other.

Many Bromssen supporters and fans commented online after the final results, saying that they felt she was robbed from the win. And, does the designer agree? ‘I totally agree. It is what it is, and we both have different stories. I work with kids, and it would have helped me a great deal. I did go put myself on public display to win. I’m sorry that no one liked me, but it’s all about the work at the end of the day,’ Bromssen said.

Perhaps in the end, all of the season 12 designers have won in some form, whether it is by conquering their own fears or just being recognized, given the show’s exposure and being able to hold a Project Runway contestant title nonetheless. Being runner-up is not too shabby at all, but in case that’s not enough, Bromssen is taking names, and has high hopes for her future collaborations. So, who’s at the top of her wish list? ‘Lana Del Rey, she’s so amazing,’ the designer confessed.

Although, the show’s ending may have been bittersweet for the designer, she’s already working on another collection, which will have a good dose of leather in it. ‘I hope some good can come from all of it. People are asking me, I really like your collection, where can I get it? I might not be rich, but now, maybe I’m better off because I’m free. I have ideas, they’re very bold, but I’m gonna one-up it. You watch, it’s not over! I’m ready to play ball,’ Bromssen said. •

To view more of Alexandria von Bromssen’s designs visit




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Tamara Madison is a correspondent for Lucire.