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Details When going with black, Valentin Yudashkin had to ensure that he lifted his designs with plenty of detail

Paris’s first-class autumn

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Ole Yde, Danish designer, brought a touch of grandeur to the Hôtel d’Évreux. Phenomenal crystal chandeliers and walls embellished with gold lining provided a traditional French ambiance to the poised setting.

YDE was founded in 2005 and is recognized as a ready-to-wear brand based in Copenhagen, presenting classy creations made from high-quality materials. The YDE fashion show concluded fashion week on March 5. The designer’s collection is chic and graceful. Yde took his inspiration from jazz legends Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday—there continues to be a very lively jazz scene in northern Europe, and these are more than appropriate muses for a Scandinavian designer. There’s a classic American feel, again with plenty of fur, and YDE, too, saw pantsuits and plenty of wool and jacquard, with plenty of comfort and splendour.

Léa Peckre for Maison Lejaby

Even though hidden underneath a layer of clothing, lingerie is an important factor, allowing a woman to feel comfortable and confident. Maison Lejaby, over a century old, is a high-end French luxury lingerie brand known for its lavish looks. The Léa Peckre for Maison Lejaby presentation was held at Hôtel Solomon de Rothschild, presenting its first ready-to-wear collection, demonstrating that the ideas of lingerie could translate into everyday fashion. For the 15 pieces, Peckre used laser-cutting, transparency, nude and black colours, Lycra and tulle, and layering to good effect, showing off just enough of the brand’s lingerie and the craftsmanship therein, staying true to the brand’s enticing reputation. Surprisingly, there was no silk or lace.

Valentin Yudashkin

The Westin Hotel is an extraordinarily deluxe setting, chosen this season by Valentin Yudashkin. Using predominantly black forced the designer to concentrate on how to show his expertise with each fold and crease. There were ruffles around the waist of a sleeveless top, matched with a tight, hip-hugging skirt; pantsuits and fur made a return here, too, along with elegant eveningwear. Moving away from all-black ensembles, the designer added pure whites, dazzlingly metallic silver and more fur; not to mention meticulously intense designs on lace and tulle.

Fátima Lopes

The Lido, situated on the prominent Champs-Élysées in Paris, is a famous venue where shows take place while dining on delectable gourmet cuisine or simply sipping on a glass of champagne. During Paris fashion week, the stage turned into a catwalk for Fátima Lopes. Guests sat around small, cosy tables, while patiently awaiting the show to commence, admiring the chandeliers. Once the lights dimmed, Lopes’s new collection was ready to emerge. The collection, Ad Naturam, revolves around the theme of nature’s magnificence. The designer focused on the environment’s subliminal beauty to tell an inexplicable tale with the chosen material, colours and accessories serving as a plot. Lopes is known for her seductive looks, many of which revealing long legs or a bit of midriff. As the sound of chirping birds echoed in the venue, mixed with the upbeat resonance of a remix, each look exposed a different perspective; a number were accompanied with feathered headdresses.

Maria Francesca Pepe
Trade shows, including Première Classe and Tranoï, were back to present attendees with the latest in fashion. One brand in particular, Maria Francesca Pepe, introduced hot jewellery and trendy fashion accessories. Founded in 2007 in London, MFP employs Italian artisans who craft cool, hip designs. Some of the brand’s A-listers include Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde, Nicole Sherzinger and Kate Moss. While the collection is fashionable, it is also fun to wear, providing a dash of excess and avant-garde to the mix. •





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