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Shoji Fuji

Allude Cashmere, deconstruction and asymmetry for spring–summer 2016

Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Seizing the moment: Paris spring–summer 2016

Lola Cristall rounds up her favourites from Paris Fashion Week’s spring–summer 2016 collections
photographed by Shoji Fuji, Helle Moos, Pixelformula, Gio Staiano, and courtesy designers


Leonard Paris

Leonard Paris

Yiqing Yin serves as creative director of the prominent French fashion house Leonard Paris, utilizing vibrant, cool hues on flawless prints. Pants with banded waist details are matched with eye-catching tops. Whether a drop waistline or basic dress, the designer stays true to a feminine æsthetic. Bustier dresses, classic-cut pants and layered asymmetric pieces underlined a trend-setting style.


Shoji Fuji

Look: Andrea Karg utilizes the beauty of cashmere to express a raw, feminine style, with layering and deconstruction, and a slightly asymmetrical look. A partial bias cut is applied, allowing the material to embrace the wearer’s body and create fine, contemporary folds. Karg’s vision of summer cashmere is delicate, soft and creative. One-sleeved tops were original, while tightly fitted see-through crop tops gave a sensual allure. Denim mixed with cashmere was a particularly on-trend look, as did her elegant off-whites, beige and translucent azure.

Vibe: The ambiance at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts was charmingly calm and serene. Models had a casual, natural look with hair pulled back into a stick-straight ponytail showing off barely-there make-up.

Issey Miyake

Look: Issey Miyake is no stranger to innovative fabric techniques and this season is certainly no different. The spring–summer 2016 collection, Botanical Delights, unveiled the “baked stretch” method, which flawlessly moulds pleats into the fabrics. The particularly buoyant and festive hues that emerged on the vast runway screamed spring. The designer knew how to take a slew of shades and make them collide into one look. Designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae was inspired by the tropics of the jungle, focusing on the use of form and colours.

Vibe: The Espace Ephémère at the Tuileries, near the magnificent Concorde, featured live music by Ei Wada and Masatsugu Hattori, complementing the looks in an outstanding way.

Anne Sofie Madsen

The theme of Come Undressed dominated the Anne Sofie Madsen runway at Espace Commines in the third arrondissement of Paris during Fashion Week. The spring–summer 2016 collection saw a collision of various materials and designs, with the opposing factors between the concept of dressing and undressing intertwining. The Danish designer revealed unique looks and innovative styles, with layering as well as oversized pieces.

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