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Helle Moos

YDE Classic and elegant for spring–summer 2016

Seizing the moment: Paris spring–summer 2016

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Georges Hobeika

A poetic approach based on travel to the tropics is exactly what Georges Hobeika evokes for spring–summer 2016. Fresh hues of raging red, bright blue, daring black, mild peach, teal and pure white beautifully complemented each other; detailed floral designs blossomed. Slim belts accentuated silhouettes. Whether long evening, cocktail and basic dresses with waistline seams or shorts paired with a blouse and a matching boléro, every detail came together.

Manish Arora


Look: This season, Manish Arora took onlookers into a complex wonderland with an extensive artistic excursion. Arora calls it ‘a disco gypsy land,’ with floor-length skirts, fanny shirts, detailed boleros, layered mid-calf skirts and elaborate chokers, all in bright colours. Serving as another recurring accessory is a scarf, worn around the neck or around the waist for a Bohemian look.

Vibe: The dark atmosphere was broken by spotlights shining on the runway and flashy lights glistening in the ceiling at the Faust restaurant, discreetly tucked away in the Alexandre III bridge.


Helle Moos

Look: Ole Yde’s Parfum Exotique collection, presented at the historic Mairie du 4ème, captivated onlookers’ attention with an extensive feature of elegant, easy-to-wear pieces. Guests were invited into the designer’s poetic realm to escape reality, with Yde applying delicate materials such as fine silk chiffon and sheer organza, complemented by rough leather. Whimsical yellow, vivid blue, conspicuous orange, pure white and bold black radiated; tops and dresses with bishop or balloon sleeves added a voluminous effect to the ensembles. Straight ruffled and muffled collars gave an extra dose of originality.


Gio Staiano

Look: Standing out as an independent, family-owned factory known for its leather, Drome brought a Brazilian landscape to life during its fashion show in Paris. The artistic director, Marianna Rosati, utilized colours and shapely designs, with hip-hugging asymmetrical skirts, thigh-long tops and multi-tiered pieces.

Vibe: A postcard-like background with the phrase ‘Greetings from Drome’ opened the show. Deckchairs and plastic flamencos set a comfortable, laid-back California beach-like scene. •





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