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Boutique sophistication, Connecticut-style

VOLANTE The Delamar West Hartford offers luxury boutique comfort, for both travellers and long-term stays, while its Artisan restaurant and spa take the hotel’s sophistication to even greater heights, writes Lola Cristall




Connecticut is renowned for its breathtaking fall foliage, spring’s floral radiance, cool summer nights and its winter holiday spirit. Bordering New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, it is a hop away for many city dwellers and nature seekers. Greenwich Hospitality Group’s Delamar West Hartford ( opened its doors in 2017, since then it has been serving as the staple destination for family vacations, romantic weekend trips and business gatherings. Walking into a pleasantly cozy environment, the whiff of hot apple cider fills the air, the sound of a roaring fire is enticing and the warm welcome by friendly staff is sure to provide an extra-special and memorable encounter.

The boutique hotel is truly an escape away from reality and into a sophisticated destination. The 114 rooms and suites are classically designed with distinguished and graceful elements. The fresh aromatic floral displays and Bulgari amenities await. Opt for one of the rooms that include a vast terrace or a balcony to breathe the fresh New England air. Delamar West Hartford offers a lounge area where guests can comfortably sip on a glass of wine in the afternoon while nibbling on a variety of cheeses. The dining area has a coffee machine offering hot beverages to quench one’s thirst throughout the day and night. Amongst the various seating areas the delightful New England-inspired farm-to-table Artisan restaurant ( is also on site for the traveller’s pleasure. To further facilitate a guest’s stay, complimentary valet parking is at one’s disposal as well as a full breakfast buffet. For those keen on embracing the great outdoors, hot mulled wine, s’mores and cheeses are available, while enjoying a crackling fire pit under the clear skies.



Visitors at the Artisan may choose their desired seating arrangement depending on the setting that suits their personal desires: on the covered cozy brick floor patio, surrounded by the lush garden grounds, or inside the elegantly designed and traditionally luxurious setting that beautifully exhibits a hand-painted fig tree mural by Stockholm-based artist Jonas Wickman. For a more private function, the Copper Room awaits, suitable for a party of sixteen. Charles Mallory, Rick Wahlstedt and Frédéric Kieffer, executive chef, present a cultivated dining encounter. Fresh ingredients, hints of herbs, bold spices and extreme flavours are sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Start with the seafood chowder with an Artisan twist incorporating a range of seafood including mussels, clams, shrimp, oysters and crab with fennel crackers for a nuance of additional flavour. Continue with the baked bucheron goat cheese tartine, which is delicately served on a mélange of radicchio, frisée and arugula with a touch of appetizing green tomato marmalade. Making your way through the dining quest, the exquisite homemade tagliatelle, with cherry peppers and tarragon, is revitalizing as pieces of lobster melt like butter in each bite. The array of offered salads includes the freshest ingredients that beautifully complement each other. Endives are splendidly paired with fruits while beets wonderfully accompany crumbled pieces of goat cheese. Tastes are amplified with proper seasonings and intensified with subtle traces of extra-virgin olive oil. Overall, the chef pays close attention to detail, integrating tasty and flavoursome components for a captivating culinary experience.

The spa is another inviting attribute to the relaxing and tantalizing Delamar West Hartford experience. The signature custom facial is one of its many desired treatments. The highly professional æstheticians apply the necessary pressure and cleansing treatments intending to cleanse and restore the skin for a refreshed look. While Valmont and Biologique Recherche products are the main brands utilized, the application of apple cider vinegar is not unusual, aiming to stimulate the skin cells for an invigorating sensation. The spa atmosphere is a quiet and serene ambiance that provides an everlasting oasis, which aids in calming the mind, body and soul. With an array of full-service treatments, including manicures, massages, brow and lash treatments as well as many other options, the spa aims to ensure a charming and tranquil experience for all visitors.

Delamar West Hartford also offers extended stays where long-term guests can enjoy either furnished or unfurnished apartments with complete hotel access and accommodations. The staff consistently ensures that guests are well taken care of, guaranteeing the ultimate “home away from home” getaway. •


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.







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