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Berlin: urban and edgy



Schumacher Casual chic for summer.


Steering away from sole use of cool and neutral colours, Laurél added vibrant splashes of red and yellow into her collection. Stripes with solids also played central role, with pieces such as the black shorts paired with the sand and black striped top. The vibrant front-ruffled red dress captured the runway, promising to steal the show wherever it is worn while the sand side cinched skirt and white blouse allowed for a more conservative appearance. Also taking the runway by storm were the vibrant leather jacket and snakeskin shorts, the bold pairing embodying the trend-setting attitude that Berlin has become associated with.

Comprised mostly of neutrals coloured ensembles, the Schumacher summer collection offered a wonderful variety of options for leisurely wear with pieces that offer to flatter most any figure. Standouts from the collection included a sea foam green linen pant paired with a sand coloured top and white blazer, a beautiful sand and orange patterned skirt paired with a white peasant blouse with orange stitching and a beige blazer with half-length sleeves. The beige linen pants paired with the canary yellow blouse also proved a show stopper, the loose-fitting ensemble appearing a casual, yet put together chic.

Last but not least, Stephan Pelger’s summer collection rocked the runway. The white floor-length gown looked ethereal and practically floated down the runway while the olive green skirt white jewel encrusted blouse created an ensemble looked like something straight out of a fairy-tale. Pairing together a white sleeveless blouse and maroon high-waisted skirt, Pelger proved that daring to experiment with something unusual can prove successful. The olive green blouse and maroon skirt proved a wonderful risk as well, the outfit perfect for a classy night out on the town.

Berlin Fashion Week was a wonderful week full of daring designs and creations. The designers, both well known and new offered up their wonderful imaginations and creativity, the success of the week leaving much anticipation for the city’s January fashion week. •


Sabine Ernest is a writer for Lucire.



Stephan Pelger


Eva Lutz



Rena Lange


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