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Basil Soda kept things exclusive at the Hôtel Crillon

A shapely autumn

Lola Saab took to the runways of Paris Fashion Week for the autumn–winter 2013–14 collections, and found sensuality and geometry on the designers’ minds

Paris Fashion Week was back to stun and intrigue the world. Paris transforms from the city of romance to the city of fashion, one aspect the city has always been known for. Each season, new, inspirational pieces become the subject of conversation until the next fashion week comes around. The fashionable crowd is certainly in for a treat for the autumn–winter 2013–14 season. Vivacious colours intensely bounced off the catwalk, with an array of meticulous details carefully embedded within each fold.

Travelling to Paris to unravel and view a number of designers’ collections, we captured fashionably eye-catching designs. From Zuhair Murad’s chic styles to Maxime Simoens’ seductively opulent creations, one prepares for an artistic escape into the Parisian fashion world.


Zuhair Murad

What can one say as each of Zuhair Murad’s looks takes the onlooker’s breath away? The designer is internationally known for his luxurious pieces that has not only caught the eye of those in the fashion industry but also attracted the hearts of fashionable Hollywood women including Jennifer López, Shakira, Ivana Trump, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and many more. But he is not only a designer fit for a Hollywood star’s wardrobe, his looks are also royal-worthy, having also dressed Princess al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia.

His prêt-a-porter collection highlighted a sensual appeal with elegance and sleek sophistication. The new season’s collection was presented in an intimate setting at Rue Francois I, also known as his second boutique. As a number of models walked around from one room to the next, striking a pose in front of a beautiful floral background enriched with fresh red roses, invitees had the chance to feel, admire and appreciate the pieces. There was a range of seductively short, hip-hugging dresses and rather long, fascinating gowns. Murad appeals to a number of women’s tastes, either for a simply casual night out amongst friends or for a more formal red-carpet event.

Oscar Carvallo

Having previously covered Oscar Carvallo’s haute couture collection, the very talented designer continues to amaze us with his dazzling works of art. Sitting down with Carvallo, we learned how committed the designer is to his work and to his stunning catwalk looks. He can take a piece of fabric and express new ideas and designs that would highlight a woman’s character, underlined with elegance and poise. As he articulates various possibilities that would suit a woman’s look, it is like watching a true artist at work, ready to create a masterpiece. Carvallo has a personal contact with his clients and provides them with the special treatment every woman deserves.

The designer’s new collection might be classified as prêt-a-porter, but the haute couture style lives on. The pieces are magnificent to look at and seem almost too delicate to touch. Carvallo transformed the land into the sea, with his imaginative escape to an underwater universe. While his couture collection included long gowns and a number of eveningwear designs, his prêt-a-porter collection bears a similar style but is slightly easier to wear. The dresses are shorter with a sensual aspect, sustaining a bold femininity. To add some daring, there were pieces styled with chic leather vests, designed in a “fish scale” pattern. Yet, dresses are not the only pieces: a similar pattern of intricately detailed work appears on a pair of nude, immaculately embroidered, pants, featuring an audacious, stylish look. The collection celebrates the sophisticatedly fashionable Carvallo woman.


Jean-Claude Jitrois is known to create sensual designs using elastic leather and fur. The stretchy leather material is also known to be like a ‘second skin,' worn for comfort and for an attractively sexy appeal. His clients range from Elton John, Mary J. Blige and Lady Gaga to Michael Schumacher and Céline Dion.

Attending Jitrois’s fashion show at the Saint James Hotel was a personal encounter with the new collection, which revealed an intimate appeal. Jitrois invited us into his childhood where elegant young women appeared ‘to be like beautiful caged birds’ that were ‘trapped’. The designer decided to set such stylish women “free” with his creations, as he artistically collided opposite ideas together, from a “good girl” with delicate fabrics to a “bad girl” with unlimited sex appeal in leather, feather and fur. Keeping such an idea in mind, Jitrois put on a show with amazing forms that brought the room to life. Elegance, sophistication and unforgettably outstanding creations dominated the runway.

Maxime Simoens

Maxime Simoens, a young and gifted designer, presented guests and the world with wonderfully deep and spectacular creations. Simoens launched his own label in 2009, but prior to dominating the catwalk, he apprenticed at major couture houses including Elie Saab, Balenciaga and Dior. During Paris Fashion Week, Simoens revealed his first prêt-à-porter collection. He chose a famous and extraordinary Russian ballet of the late 19th century to serve as his collections theme, the successful Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. If one takes time to recall the ballet itself, it featured a woman under a spell, and a play on good and evil, black and white.

It seemed appropriate for Simoens to choose Swan Lake, transforming a delicate creature into an ultimate, independent woman with class. We watched Simoens allow his own creatures come to life with his version of tutus, with stunning prints and sometimes delicate strokes of colour. The prima ballerina is set free to take on the world in a luxurious fashion. On a shiny black surface that served as the catwalk, swans emerged from one look to the next. Chiffon, silk, wool and satin were sometimes accompanied with stones by Swarovski, rousing a bold and glimmering swan.

Basil Soda

Basil Soda is known for his sleek-cut pieces for women to appreciate, in an array of expressively alluring colours. Soda’s presentation took place at the famous Hôtel Crillon, in a discreet setting, with his collection revealed to a number of invitees. The delicate folds, the fabulous embroidery and spectacular shapes embraced a woman’s. Soda does not limit himself on colours: a woman can go from hot pink to subtle black and white, no matter what shade. The creations and designs produce a captivating masterpiece.





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Lola Saab is Paris editor of Lucire.