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What recession?

June 21, 2008/5.36

[Cross-posted] I was chatting to a company head serving a high-income, premium niche. And he’s felt no recession. He’s wondering if he should.    For his company, sales are up and he’s even been able to focus on the higher-priced items at the expense of the lower ones.    The general wisdom is: the rich […]

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In depth: Nom D, Fly Guys and Donna Loveday

June 20, 2008/11.28

A very established New Zealand designer, Margarita Robertson of Nom D, and a newer label, Fly Guys, are pro?led on the Lucire site this week. Sam Mitchell’s Q&A with Margi is probably the most in-depth that has ever been published. And we’re running another ex-print piece: my interview with Design Museum senior curator Donna Loveday, […]

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Jen?fa’s beautiful imagery

June 17, 2008/5.50

We did think the image above for the Czech opera Jen?fa, by Janá?ek, was too beautiful not to share. For a fashion magazine, it was easy to think it was connected to a beauty product.    Jen?fa was performed at the Glyndebourne Festival before it begins touring in New Zealand in September. According to the release, […]

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The Midori Splice

June 16, 2008/9.56

Here’s a sure way to cure any Monday-itis—how about this for a lunch treat? From our friends at Midori, the famous melon liqueur. 30 ml (1 oz) Midori 30 ml (1 oz) coconut rum 90 ml (3 oz) pineapple juice 30 ml (1 oz) cream-?oat Build over ice. Enjoy it this summer!. […]

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Emma Watson is new face of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle


Sources are reporting that Emma Watson, Hermione of the Harry Potter movie series, is the new face of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle fragrance, replacing fellow British actress Keira Knightley (left).    Knightley’s contract for the fragrance ends in the summer, but Chanel will possibly re-sign her in another role.    The of?cial announcement will be probably made next […]

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Naomi Campbell due in court Friday


While Gisèle Bündchen is scheduled to return to her home country for São Paulo Fashion Week—her first showing there in six years—an appearance by Naomi Campbell for Rosa Cha’s spring–summer 2009 swimwear show still looks uncertain.    Campbell is scheduled to appear June 21 at the event but has a court appearance on June 20 […]

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Haute Summer for Fashion:Aid


There seem to be more functions around Stateside for the summer. On the wires earlier this month: Russian magazine Depesha and Nico & Adrian held a fund-raiser for Fashion:Aid, which the magazine established. Donated funds are to be divided among a number of HIV–Aids charities.    The Haute Summer cocktail reception took place in New York’s […]

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When institutionalization is troublesome

June 15, 2008/12.54

[Cross-posted] One theme that has been emerging—or I am reading way too much into it—is institutionalization. In the casual posts I put on to my personal blog over at Vox, the theme has come up a couple of times: once in a post about oil consumption dropping (really—see graph at left), and once in the […]

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Cuchi, cuchi, Lucire


There’s a ‘Scene’ extra online today at Lucire. Elyse Glickman and Karen Loftus check out the Hollywood scene and notice that it’s still lively despite the thought of a looming recession. Meanwhile, Sonia Yee goes to a dinner hosted by couture label World in Wellington, New Zealand, at the Ambeli restaurant. A highlight from these […]

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The Midori Sour

June 14, 2008/6.18

This is an intriguing Midori cocktail for the weekend: the Midori Sour. It mixes the melon liqueur’s taste with the distinctive tang of a sweet and sour mix. 30 ml (1 oz) Midori 60 ml (2 oz) sweet and sour mix Method: shake. Then garnish with orange slice. […]

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