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Do US automakers deserve a bailout?

November 19, 2008/12.29

[Excerpted; full post here] Today at the Vista Group luncheon, we’ll be discussing the US auto industry’s desire for a government bailout. My view: of course it’ll be great to protect US manufacturing jobs, since the situation is not of the plant workers’ doing. As mentioned in one of my papers, ‘Saving Detroit’, the troubles […]

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Porsche shows revised Boxster and Cayman at LA


Porsche has shown its new mid-engined Boxster and Cayman models at the LA Auto Show today. In some respects, this is a facelift for the cars, now looking more aggressive. Under the skin, the changes are more thorough, with new flat-six boxer engines and the new Porsche-PDK double-clutch gearbox. Below, videos of the new Boxster […]

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New technologies from BMW at LA Auto Show

November 16, 2008/12.14

BMW will present a some of its new technologies at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year. The new shape some BMW fans will want to see will be the 7-series, which will also appear at the show as an Active Hybrid concept. We’ve video of some of the other technologies that BMW will be […]

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Jaguar XF at bottom of US reliability survey


I hope this doesn’t mean that Jaguar has gone back to its old ways as a US survey puts the Toyota Prius at the top of its reliability list, and the Jaguar XF (left) at the bottom. Both cars have been nominees in Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in awards: the Toyota in 2004–5, the […]

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La Milonga: romance and tango at Miami Short Film Festival


Wandering Films and Minx Films’ short film, La Milonga, has been chosen as an official selection of the Miami Short Film Festival. The festival will take place November 17–23. La Milonga will screen on November 20 at 7 p.m. at the Tower Theater.    Now in its seventh year, the Miami Short Film Festival was […]

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Fiction from The New York Times, courtesy the Yes Men

November 12, 2008/21.51

A prank edition of The New York Times, published by the Yes Men, had me going a bit earlier today.    After receiving a realistic looking release and knowing that 1·2 million copies had gone out in print, it was a heck of an expensive prank from the liberal group. But it worked.    My […]

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Michelle Obama looked perfectly fine in Narciso Rodriguez

November 8, 2008/14.21

I know we are a fashion magazine, but to see polls criticize the United States’ future First Lady, Michelle Obama, for choosing a dress from the Narciso Rodriguez spring 2009 collection and to say it wasn’t up to snuff is a bit much.    Mrs Obama wore the dress at her husband’s victory speech on […]

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Celebrating the US presidential election

November 6, 2008/10.51

It’s no surprise that some celebrities ranging from Peter Fonda to Heidi Montag got out in anticipation of an Obama win in the US presidential elections last night, and US west coast editor Elyse Glickman and correspondent Leyla Messian were out to cover them. While in most elections, people would stay at home, we noted […]

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Barack Obama is president-elect: now what?

November 5, 2008/7.10

Earlier this year, I held out great hope for Sen. Barack Obama amongst attacks from Sen. Hillary Clinton. I felt some of the attacks were racist. And in a multicultural United States, there was no room for that.    The same motive saw me pointing out that there were elements about the free ride that the […]

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New on Lucire: Shanti Home, Femi Emiola

October 27, 2008/8.23

Two pieces on the main Lucire site over the last seven days: Stanley Moss’s review of Shanti Home, west of New Delhi, which he says is more homely and real than some of the big chain hotels; and, new today, an interview with Femi Emiola, the actress who starred in the If Looks Could Kill […]

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