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East meets west: Two Wonders prepares for New Zealand Fashion Week début


August 18, 2011/9.22

Two Wonders

For Wellington-based designers Sophie Knapp and Sophea Son, fashion has long been in their blood. Having met at Wellington boutique Coco Wellington, the pair became inseparable, forming a bond and friendship that has prepared them for their collaboration to form the fashion label Two Wonders.
   One of their labels will be featured in the New Generation Showcase at this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week, a début we highly anticipate. Yet with NZFW only a fortnight away, the pressure of putting together their final pieces doesn’t seem to faze Sophie and Sophea, proving that they have what it takes to survive in the often cut-throat fashion industry.
   The uniqueness of Two Wonders results from of the coming together of two very different worlds and backgrounds. Where Sophea comes from a migrant background, Sophie hails from a small town. Yet the similarities between the two runs deep: both their families raised them to be hard-working individuals with strong independent ideals, a work ethic that is reflected in their label. The name Two Wonders also matches the love of travelling that the pair shares. Their adventures to far-flung destinations, travelling uncharted territories and exploring the exciting and new have also played a significant role in inspiring their collection.
   For their début, expect wearable, glamorous fashion that appeals to the discerning modern woman, but be prepared for clothing that is fashion-forward, confident, rule-breaking and individualist. Their collection is unique in that it holds elements of conservative fashion, yet allows wearers to create their own fashion trends. Inspired in part by their long love of Cambodia, elements of Asian-influenced lines and strong architectural forms balance with soft, flowing feminine lines, melding together to create exotic delights. Delicate silks and cottons are mixed with raw fabrics to juxtapose each other in a beautiful harmony of yin and yang.
   Appropriately, the pair will also be showcasing Two Wonders again in October at the first Cambodian Fashion Week. Like all things in fashion, the October show allows them to come full circle.
   We are excited to see what this pair will surprise us with come Fashion Week, and, if the talent of past Wellington designers has proven anything, anticipate their rise as a fashion brand and force to be reckoned with.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion & Beauty Editor

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2 thoughts on ‘East meets west: Two Wonders prepares for New Zealand Fashion Week début

  1. Great Work Girls! Adore these two girls, not only are they beautiful but have a good eye for fashion.

  2. Love love LOVE! Two very talented girls, just what New Zealand fashion needs. Cant wait to see more of there work. Very different to what I have seen over the last few years. Finially something different!

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