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Stolen: bringing back masculinity


August 23, 2011/23.58

Steve King/Reload

In September 2011, the creators and founders of design label Stolen Girlfriends’ Club will relaunch their menswear line, Stolen. ‘As the brand has grown and menswear and womenswear has become two very separated categories for the brand, this will allow us to be more specific to the menswear market working closely with buyers and retailers,’ says the company in a release.
   The line will be comprised of more masculine silhouettes with evidence of grunge, athletic fleece, punk plaids, mohair knits, touch leather pieces, utilitarian coating and weathered collage denims. Fabrication, hand feel and garment finishing will be the core focus of the design, allowing men access to quality pieces that are a flexible and staple in the wardrobe.
   Staying true to their ideals of creating clothes that are unique to society, the Stolen designers say, ‘We’d like to revisit some of our original ideas and the core underground toughness that our menswear embraces and aspires from.’ There is no doubt that this line will achieve exactly what the designers desire.—Sabine Ernest

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