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Naturally: the Body Shop brings back its Brazil Nut range; Wendyl’s Green Goddess launches deodorants


July 10, 2013/23.28

It may be winter—and quite a bitterly cold one if you’re at our head office in Wellington—but the Body Shop is trying to brighten our moods with the return of its Brazil Nut range and images of warmer climes.
   The Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil is one of the special edition items from the Body Shop, which has blended the Amazon-sourced nut, harvested sustainably from the Peruvian rainforest, with some of its nourishing ingredients.
   Brazil nut naturally contains a high concentration of antioxidants, which helps with skin care. The range helps moisturize and keeps skin soft and smooth.
   The range comprises the cream scrub (NZ$34·75), the body butter (NZ$36), the Beautifying Oil (NZ$30), the shower cream (NZ$16), the eau de toilette (NZ$28—and we have tried it, and it smells sumptuous) and the soap (NZ$6·25).
   Meanwhile, Wendyl’s Green Goddess, started by a New Zealander who needs little introduction, Wendyl Nissen, has launched a natural deodorant range, with coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, rosewater and essential oils.
   Nissen says that she had searched for a natural deodorant that was aluminium-free and was not linked to breast cancer. She had begun using coconut oil for her skin and read that it worked as a deodorant.
   ‘The reason we smell is that the sweat reacts with the air and creates bacteria. The deodorant prevents that from happening,’ she says.
   The application is different, as one applies the deodorant with one’s fingers on to one’s armpits—but, as Nissen says, ‘Who told us that it was bad to touch our armpits?’
   Nissen had a soft launch via her website with very positive responses.
   The patchouli coconut deodorant tested by Lucire works effectively, has a very pleasant scent, and retails for NZ$15.

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