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Indulge in the Body Shop’s spa experiences this winter

The Body Shop has some relaxing surprises in store for winter, plus an Amazonian Saviour balm that does it all
July 31, 2017/3.48

The Body Shop has dipped into the jungle and created a new uplifting firming ritual, as part of the Spa of the World régime. An infusion of fruit extracts blended with refining textures and fresh fragrances will refine and tone your skin. All products are natural, cruelty-free and constitute Community Trade. With firm but fair ingredients, this new invigorating ritual is one to empower skin, body and mind.

Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream (NZ$79·50)
The Body Shop has taken your morning coffee to new heights with a high-caffeine coffee cream for your skin. The Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream is naturally high in caffeine, which is renowned for toning, firming and refining. This product is a creamy dream that soaks into the skin, leaving a satin smooth finish. Sourced from the Kaffa reigon known as the ‘home of coffee’, this is a coffee cream you definitely can’t go past.

French Grape Seed Scrub (NZ$62)
Continue the firming ritual with the French Grape Seed Scrub that showcases the antioxidant properties from grape seeds that rapidly firms the skin. Organic sugar from Paraguay works to invigorate and exfoliate, while massaging with this refining scrub not only creates a reviving, fruity aroma, but also stimulates circulation and promotes even skin tone. This scrub is a go-to for skin that looks and feels smooth, soft and healthy.

Indian Turtle Massager (NZ$35)
Complete your firming ritual with this turtle-inspired massager made from acacia mangium trees, by community tradesmen in India. The tool gently kneads and massages the skin to stimulate blood flow around the body, and is ideal for focusing on problem areas. This turtle-tool is the perfect, relaxing way to finish your ritual and leave you with fabulous, firm skin.

Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm (NZ$29·95)
The Body Shop has formulated the new Amazonian Saviour balm, that does it all. Made with 100 per cent natural ingredients, this is a balm with a conscience and leaves silicones, paraffin and artificial colourants and fragrances behind. Ingredients include organic babassu and andiroba oil from Brazil, the candeia tree’s bisabolol, beeswax, cera bellina wax and vitamin E. These ingredients work together to improve appearance of skin marks, nourish dry skin, and even brighten the appearance of tattoos. Perfect to pop in your bag for dry lips and even when those new shoes start to rub and cause blisters; this balm really is a saviour and is here to multi-task for you.—Portia Gascoigne

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