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Pageant time in Auckland

April 17, 2008/12.05

Of course, I can’t whisper a word about the placings of the girls at Miss Universe New Zealand 2008 so far, but I will say a few general things. First, the judges work together really well and we welcomed designer Patrick Steel to the fold on the interview night tonight (joining Yvonne Brownlie, May Davis […]

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2005: Summer Rayne Oakes’s first appearance in Lucire

April 6, 2008/10.12

It’s been three years since Summer Rayne Oakes first appeared in Lucire, as a feature interviewee rather than a member of the team. Since then, the association between the magazine and Ms Oakes has strengthened, with her taking the acting editor’s role in 2006 and as editor-at-large from 2007. Here are some shots from that […]

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Farewell to Charlton Heston


I know this is a fashion magazine, but through Elyse Glickman and Karen Loftus we cover so much of the Hollywood scene that you sometimes feel you should give a star a send-off. Therefore, today, I want to say goodbye to Charlton Heston, who passed away aged 84 with his wife of 64 years, Lydia, […]

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Talking car interviews Heidi Klum, David Hasselhoff for VW

April 3, 2008/13.31

It’s not the new Knight Rider (which returns on NBC this year), but Max, a talking, black 1964 Volkswagen Käfer—Beetle to Anglophones—which will front a campaign for Volkswagen of America launching today called Das Auto.    Max will interview, in a talk show setting, supermodel Heidi Klum, TV personality David Hasselhoff—who should have no problems conversing with […]

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Yes, we care

April 1, 2008/5.05

I only learned belatedly that one of our readers, Mr Erik Api of Queenstown, New Zealand, passed away last year.    Erik was a hairdresser and one of our ?rst print-edition subscribers. It’s very sad to lose any subscriber—because you feel you do have a bit of a kinship with your readers.    Maybe it […]

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‘So these two hermaphrodites walk into a gym …’

March 28, 2008/4.35

I wish that was a joke, but it isn’t.    I went to preview a New Dowse exhibition on transsexuality, intersexuality and the transgender community with its communications’ of?cer Mandy Herrick and coincidentally, was told by a friend last night about a situation at a gym in New Zealand.    They had two intersexual (‘hermaphrodite’) clients. Other […]

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Wearing Dior, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy wins over English fashion media

March 26, 2008/21.36

The state visit of President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to the United Kingdom has started off on a positive note, if the fashion media there are any indication.    First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was dressed in a Christian Dior grey coat (that grey—the one the fashion house itself made famous) with matching beret, accessorized with a black […]

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Rescuing the Britney Spears image

March 22, 2008/23.59

With all the negative attention that Britney Spears gets, is it a good time to be marketing her Believe fragrance? It’s what we’ve alluded to in our beauty article online today.    We hope Ms Spears will get well—and that the paparazzi lay off her a little. Unfortunately, the Britney economy is worth hundreds of […]

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Guildford’s Chloë Marshall in the running for Miss England


As we head into the national pageant season in many parts of the world, the winner of Miss Surrey—who will go on to contest the national Miss England title—has been announced as Chloë Marshall of Guildford.    Miss Marshall, 16, is already a model represented by Models Plus. She may be the ?rst normal-sized entrant […]

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Peace Love Life reveals Burma T-shirts

March 21, 2008/5.53

Brad Green at Peace Love Life, who created a range of socially responsible T-shirts that we covered here, has launched a new range for Burma. Brad says, ‘We’ve collaborated with a non-pro?t called ELEHO to raise money for the work they are doing in Burma. Again, we’re donating $10 from each shirt to the group […]

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