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Six Miss New Zealand ’08 contestants, one camera


April 24, 2008/9.29

As promised, some better photos from last Saturday’s cruise with the Miss Universe New Zealand 2008 contestants from my Voigtländer Bessamatic, which shows that a 49-year-old camera can get some darned good results.

Miss Universe New Zealand 2008 contestants
Samantha Powell (who would go on to win Miss New Zealand 2008, but Miss Horowhenua at this stage), Rebecca Connor (Miss Wellington, sponsored by the Establishment Bar), Rhonda Grant (sponsored by TR Designs, Palmerston North) and Kylie Anderson (sponsored by C. R. Johnson Ltd., and second runner-up to Miss New Zealand 2006).

Miss Universe New Zealand 2008 contestants
A 35 mm film version of the photograph from the cellphone, but with a slightly narrower field. Rebecca Connor (Miss Wellington), Hannah Matthews (runner-up, Miss Universe New Zealand 2008, sponsored by Masport), Samantha Powell (Miss Universe New Zealand 2008), Kylie Warfield (chaperone, and Miss New Zealand Asia–Pacific 2005), and Sylvia Laurenson (sponsored by Bettjemans for 2008, and 2007’s runner-up).

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