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Scenes from the British Motor Show


July 23, 2008/6.33

Thanks to General Motors, we have some views from the launch of the Opel Insignia at the British Motor Show. GM has also provided us with the Cadillac footage.
   The Insignia is the replacement for the Opel Vectra C mid-sized car, and is expected to give the German range a bit more glamour.
   The interior looks conventional but Opel says it has a computer system that can read street signs and issue speed warnings if wanted.
   The exterior is a little less exciting than we expected, though we’ll reserve judgement till we test and photograph it ourselves.
   There’s some extra footage from Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Renault and Lotus. The Lotus video also includes images of the Lightning GT sports car, not part of its range. Lotus launched the Evora, its latest model, and showed the Eco Elise.

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