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Opel shows Ampera, its version of the Chevrolet Volt, at Genève

March 2, 2009/12.43

General Motors intends to overtake the Toyota Prius with its Chevrolet Volt—a vehicle that is an electric car first, with a petrol engine that only kicks in when extended range is needed. (The Prius, in layman’s terms, works the other way round, with a hybrid engine assisting the petrol one—though around town, the Prius tries to work on electricity only.) Sensibly, in these tough times, GM will sell the Volt as an Opel in Europe, a Vauxhall in the UK and a Holden in Australasia, and unveiled the Opel-badged version in Genève this week.
   Lucire TV will have more Salon de Genève footage, but for starters we feature Alain Visser, Chief Marketing Officer, General Motors of Europe launching the Opel Ampera, and talking about GM’s focus on electrifying the automobile. Other shots are of the Ampera, including its interior, filling up, and information on its propulsion system.
   It’s finally beginning to feel like the 21st century, rather than a hangover of the 20th.

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