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Miss Universe New Zealand 2011, day one: a tough task ahead


April 24, 2011/12.08

Above Miss Universe New Zealand pageant director Val Lott briefs this year’s entrants in their first meeting.

The Miss Universe New Zealand 2011 contestants have arrived at the Museum Hotel in Wellington, which has generously sponsored their accommodation and the use of some of the facilities during the week.
   As head judge, it was my duty tonight to brief the contestants on their role, their ambassadorial function, their responsibilities, and the importance of the interview.
   Pageant director Val Lott also gave the 13 young women from around the country their itinerary for the week, and some of the preparation they have to do for the event.
   Our dinner tonight was with St John’s Bar on Cable Street, which the contestants managed to get to in rather heavy rain. The food was a delight, and we can safely say that the culinary aspect of the week has got off to a fine start.
   I sat within earshot of six contestants, so in the day ahead I intend to redress the balance by ensuring I sit with the remaining seven so they have equal time with the judges.
   With Wellington being the location for the pageant, as it was in 2010, the local judge—in this case yours truly—is the one who spends the week in an observational capacity, to see how they interact and ensure that the judging is more than a final-night matter of looking good and answering questions well.
   It’s impossible to have any favourites, but I will say that this is the strongest line-up we have ever had.
   The impression I got when walking into the director’s room and being introduced to each contestant was very positive—which means that within that room there is a good vibe going.
   My fellow judges, who will arrive toward the end of the week, will have a much harder task than ever. More in tomorrow’s brief on how the Anzac service goes.—Jack Yan, Publisher

The final for Miss Universe New Zealand will be held at the Amora Hotel (formerly Duxton) in Wellington on Sunday, May 1. Tickets can be ordered here.

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  3. How come you are using the current Miss Universe above with Miss Universe NZ next to her I think that could go against copy right with Mr Trump???

  4. We are not sure what you mean: there is no image featuring Miss Universe with Miss Universe New Zealand here.
       If you mean the advertisements, obviously Miss Universe New Zealand Ltd. is a licensee of Miss Universe LP, LLLP. A copyright statement even appears on the ads acknowledging ownership.

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