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Max Irons has Fallen (on his mind)


August 18, 2011/0.51

Kaya Scodelario is set to play Lucinda Price in the film version of Lauren Kate’s best selling novel, Fallen.
   Currently in pre-production, Kaya, who also plays Effy in Skins, takes on the character of Luce. Luce falls in love with an angel named Daniel, but because of an age-old curse, their love bursts into flames, literally.
   The journey of these two star-crossed lovers takes Luce back to all her past lives and loves, to the Daniel she knows now, and the old Daniel she can no longer remember.
   Heartbreaking and thought-provoking, the novel is a tale of true love, passion, and the age old question of how far would you be willing to go for the one you love?
   Luce takes the route that we all like to think we would take, travelling back in time to uncover the curse that tears her from Daniel’s arms every single time she finds him.
   However even angels fall, and Daniel Grigori is not the saint he appears to be.
   Played by Max Irons, known for his role of Henry in Red Riding Hood, Irons certainly brings more acting experience to the table.
   While Luce perseveres in trying to find a way for them to be together, Daniel becomes more and more determined to keep her in the darkness, his actions begging the question, what is he hiding?
   While the film looks promising, it will be interesting to see whether it lives up to the readers’ expectations. Most have remarked that Fallen is similar to Twilight, but thus far in the books, the plot does not resemble the werewolves and vampires most often associated with the Cullen family.
   Even for those who do not like Twilight, the series is well worth a read. Lauren Kate writes beautifully, and for those who have not started reading her books, it is best to read them in order with Fallen as book one, Torment as book two, and Passion as book three. The fourth book, Rapture, comes out in 2012 and will be a welcome continuation to the series.—Snjezana Bobič

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