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Bees Blessing launches premium, all-natural cordials


November 23, 2011/5.48

Bees Blessing
Bees Blessing

Stephanie Osmond

Earlier this month, Bees Blessing launched its new range of all-natural cordials at the Empire in Petone, New Zealand, serving food and drinks, and demonstrating recipes (including lemon honey mojitos, cucumber socks fizz and spiced syrup marinade).
   The new range comprises New Zealand’s only honey-sweetened all-natural cordials, says the company, which makes its own pure honey from hives at its 22 ha Kau Whero Farm in the Mangaroa Valley, and sources more from local suppliers.
   Offerings include mulled lemon and honey, and strawberry cordial, alongside more traditional fare such as lemon, honey and ginger, cider vinegar and honey, and elderflower. To top it off, they are all hand-made.
   The family business—a New Zealand success story—has grown from selling honey at local farmers’ markets to innovative marinades, dressings and cordials, free from additives and preservatives, retailing at boutique retailers nationally (such as Commonsense Organics and Moore Wilson in Wellington).
Bees BlessingBees Blessing
Bees BlessingBees Blessing
Bees Blessing
Bees BlessingBees Blessing
Bees Blessing
Bees BlessingBees Blessing
Stephanie Osmond and courtesy Bees Blessing

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