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The Body Shop’s Christmas event: in anticipation of the next one


December 28, 2012/1.54

The Body Shop’s Christmas event had always been a matter of curiosity for me. I first noticed the festive decorations and customer-filled stores a few years ago whilst I was still in university and struggling to keep my expenditures in check, as all students are wont to do. Needless to stay, I steered clear of the event simply due to my fear of spending a fortune on things I felt I’d never need.
   This November, I was happy to be proved wrong. When I first received my invitation, I RSVPed immediately and set about contacting Ansonia in order to be allowed to cover the event. If there is one thing to be said, it is that the staff at the Body Shop epitomizes the meaning of the words customer service. From the get-go I was given any information required and allowed to interrogate the poor staff members regarding their products.
   Since I arrived at 3 p.m., it was still a manageable, quiet affair, though it soon filled up with a plethora of customers hurrying to make use of the fantastic deals available for those few hours. The staff were all incredibly lovely, and the store was both impeccably tidy and beautifully decorated. Everything from the decorations to the stations centred around the store that invite you to try the product all made the event an all-inclusive, lovely experience. I was immediately distracted by the basket of 12 adorable limited-edition reindeer sponges, but had plenty of time to venture through the whole event once I’d purchased a good quarter of the sponges.
   Simply put, the Christmas event at the Body Shop is mainly a chance to grab their Christmas goodies and rack up points. Having asked my friend to sign up earned me a solid 50 points and all Christmas products garnered the buyer double points as well. This is rather excellent, as every $100 spent earns you a $10 gift voucher. Every purchase of $100 or more on that night also earned the buyer a giant Christmas cracker full of the Body Shop’s signature strawberry-scented goodies. The pre-packaged, festive-looking cracker also has the added bonus of looking quite spectacular when placed under the tree. The Body Shop also does a gorgeous array of scent-themed gifts that make for fantastic gifts all year round, especially since they are beautifully pre-wrapped as well.
   The great membership deals and pre-packaged gifts aren’t the only things that are great about the Body Shop during Christmas. Each festive season, the company releases a range of Christmas-themed products that usually range in vanilla, ginger and cranberry. These have been a particular staple of mine and, if my shopping bag at the end of the night was any indication, they will continue to be a staple for years to come.
   This year’s Ginger Sparkle is easily my favourite. By the end of the night I had amassed the entire range, having gone so far as to purchase half a dozen bottles of the hand cream almost solely based on the packaging. The cranberry range is also absolutely lovely, especially the shower gel and the heart-shaped cranberry soap that seem more aimed towards Valentine’s Day.
   My friend Lewis, who accompanied me to the event, claims that the vanilla is hands-down her favourite. Having purchased an armful of the Vanilla Spice lip balm a few years ago, I can definitely understand why. This year, the lip balms come in easy-to-apply and hygienic little spheres that are perfect to pop in your handbag for the summer. However, the Ginger Sparkle hand cream is easily my favourite item of this season. You mustn’t be fooled by the deceptively small package. They seem pricey at first but the consistency is closer to body butter than a cream, making the product exceptionally concentrated and long-wearing. Not only does it also smell fantastic, but it never leaves your hands greasy and the concentrated product means a more portable tube of hand cream.
   The shower gels are also absolutely fantastic. They are released in a taller and slimmer bottle than the regular Body Shop shower gels, which make them easier to store in the shower. The sweet cranberry scent is perfect for summer and would make a marvellous stocking-filler. Although the ginger scent is marketed towards Christmas, I can’t help but get the feeling that it is better suited towards winter as its warmth and spice makes it difficult to wear during the warmer days of summer. It is for this reason that I am glad that the company has aimed for a basic vanilla fragrance instead of bolstering it with spice as well, as it becomes more wearable year-round. I will, however, be stocking up on the ginger-scented products regardless in preparation for winter since they will be out of stock by then.
   The Christmas range and all its variations have always been a holiday staple of mine. Now that I know what the Christmas event allows me to gain as a member, I will be certain to attend the next one in order to get better deals on my favourite products. With wonderfully helpful staff and a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, The Body Shop’s Christmas event is a high recommendation from me to all skin care fans.—Tiffany Fernando, Associate Editor

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