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A sense of nostalgia from the Body Shop’s White Musk Smoky Rose scent


January 30, 2014/1.40

The Body Shop is getting in for this Valentine’s Day with its new White Musk Smoky Rose scent which adds to its cruelty-free White Musk range. This sensual scent includes fused scents of bergamot, pink pepper, and blackcurrant.
   White Musk Smoky Rose is available as the pure eau de parfum and eau de toilette as well as many other cheaper options. There are the White Musk Smoky Rose body lotion, bath and shower gel and fragrance mist, suiting all budgets—prices start at NZ$25 for the gel and finish at NZ$56 for the eau de parfum.
   The White Musk Smoky Rose exudes youth and floral sweetness with a note of aqua. To us, it evokes a sense of a fresh summer breeze and a fresh teen romance, with school-day memories and associated nostalgia. Head down to the Body Shop and give the scent a test to see what memories it draws for you.—Anna Deans

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