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Glamp Beverly Hills

A harvest of organic beauty innovations and their entrepreneurs arrived at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Elyse Glickman and Jody Miller report on which products and spas are on track to scale new heights in the coming year
November 13, 2017/22.45

Above, from top: Faces at Behrman Public Relations’ post-Emmy party: photographer Karen French and model. Tafiq Akhir of Tafiq’s Physiques. At Organic Spa Magazine’s LA event: ISUN founder Bonnie Gulick. Chef Charles Chen.

A Los Angeles Dodgers-headlining World Series aside, there’s no better place to spend an “Indian summer” night in southern California than on an outdoor terrace at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for Organic Spa Magazine’s LA wellness event. The night out is even better when planners add in a lengthy buffet of healthy appetizers and desserts to fuel guests up for a “hiking trail” lined with wonderful discoveries. Guideposts and landmarks included tables artfully lined with freshly scented boutique beauty products, and an apparel designer creating stylish clothing that go the distance beyond a resort’s pool and spa.
   And speaking of spas, the tasteful trek also offered panoramic views of some of México’s most stunning small-scale resort spas as well as a cooking demonstration to boot.
   The brigade of “happy glampers” wandered freely on a winding trail of nature-based beauty and wellness that would make the most devout tree-hugger proud. Based high in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Dawn Lorraine products are 100 per cent sustainable with proven active ingredients to truly radiant skin. The Lemongrass Enzyme Crème contains natural enzymes like papaya and pumpkin, fruit acids, lemon balm and other botanicals and emollients for a bright and even-toned skin. The açai and DMAE firming serum has been recognized as a favourite among organic skin authorities.
   Radiantly alive and wild-crafted ingredients are ISUN’s secret to ageless skin and harmony within. Their Phyto-Infusion Serum is a premium age-fighting serum that restructures skin to a more youthful state. Stem cells, phenol rich herbs, vitamin C and other organic age-fighting components are bottled in a serum that rivals efficacy of clinical brands.
   Spa Ritual treated weary trekkers to a soothing hand massage featuring their new Earl Grey Oil Salve. Cuts, burns and boo-boos are a natural hazard for any glamper. Columbia Restorative Hydrating Cream provides instant relief from itchiness, redness and inflammation in addition to intense hydration.
   Other fragrant and emollient offerings included Nubian’s Coconut & Papaya collection of soaps and lotions, lush spa serums and cosmetics from European resort line Babor, and an all-purpose cream serum from Sofiel said to soften the appearance of scars and other blemishes. Intention cards and cooking demonstrations by chef Charles Chen also made for enjoyable campfire discussions.

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   There was also an early harvest in the form of a post-Emmy party that popped up unexpectedly.
   After checking in with the ladies from Behrman Public Relations and getting offered a choice of Iphone or Android cases and portable charge, I found this was not so much a throwback to the golden days of the gifting suite (2005–7) as it was an interesting reinvention of it. The pace was slower, the vendors were more relaxed, and the media members given everybody’s undivided attention.
   The products for the most part were appealing to men and women, from tasty healthy supplements by PureTrim and essential oils and skin care by Andona, to lusciously lived-in vintage-style T-shirts by Mason Jar Label. There was also a nice roll-out of Cromwell, a simple and versatile line of unisex timepieces with changeable bands, clean lines and minimalist styling. Toronto-based Lug set everybody up for their next trip with an ultimate care package of in-flight tote, clutch bag, and a kit of bags for clothing and toiletries.
   The anchor vendor was Wen hair care, with founder Chaz Dean’s team showing off his ever-expanding line of hair and personal care products, as well as a delicious limited-edition pear scent infused into his cleansing conditioner and other signature best sellers. Several members of his salon team were on hand to primp and curl journalists’ and bloggers’ hair, just because.
   The aromas and flowing hair styles got some in the mood to chat with Karen French, who specializes in boudoir and wedding photography and showed some work samples that impressed.
   Rounding out the post lunch line-up was gym and wellness centre Tafiq’s Physiques, along with Movimento, a collection of sleek mat-to-street garments they could rock at the new West Hollywood centre, or their favourite yoga or spin studio.—Jody Miller, Correspondent, and Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

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