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January 15, 2014/10.56

Just Jared/Colgate

Elyse Glickman

Top Cassie Scerbo enjoys her Colgate Optic White treatment. Above Wholesome food thanks to the discerning judgement of Nathalie Dubois and DPA.

Nathalie Dubois and DPA continue their annual tradition of showcasing some of the most interesting luxury products and services coming to the fore. While her evergreen support for Tahiti Tourisme and and its lavish properties brought a lovely tropical flair to her nest at the Luxe Hotel, as did unseasonably warm temperatures, the way she organized the event provided a nice respite from the usual experience a journalist covers when meeting vendors at a pre-awards suite. A courteous guide takes journalists through the well-organized maze of vendors, allowing to have quality one-on-one time to speak with the artisans and representatives of the products.
   Galina Sobolev showcased very simple designs from her Single dress line that provided lovely canvases for the fine and fashion jewellery inside the penthouse used for the event. Alice’s Chic Boutique by Alice Nemeti made such an impact, in fact, that a staff member at the nearby Crescent Hotel where Nemeti stayed literally bought the necklace off of her (with the help of her online store). Lots of people are doing natural stone stackable bracelets, but those from Sisco Berluti are so beautifully made that it is no wonder they made Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ list.

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Elyse Glickman

   One of my favourite things was the denim scarf at Hzurdadi Jeans. These thick, resilient scarves are made with premium denim and a lining of fleece, animal print fabric or flannel, and while they may be a bit heavy for southern California’s climate, they are a great invention for stylish celebrities flying back to New York, Chicago or Boston, given the tundra-like conditions in the eastern US. The vibrating ZaaZ Studios machine, meanwhile, offered celebrities a try of an invention that is essentially a self-contained spa, as it massages, tightens and tones depending on who uses it and how it is used.
   In addition to the regularly featured properties from Tahiti, select celebrities received stays in spots that could be “paradise” in different ways. Cape Breton Island, off the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, is a golfer’s paradise, as well as a haven for seafood during the summer and winter months. Jill’s Chocolates, made in Nova Scotia, reflects the fact that the Canadian Maritimes have arrived as a gastronomic destination that can compete with Montréal, Vancouver and Toronto. The newly opened eco-luxury resort Copa de Arbol in Costa Rica is an environmentally conscious labour of love that features such natural geological attributes.
   The foods and beverages served were also heavenly, running the gamut from Foxy’s Premium Frozen Yoghurt (from Australia, down to the slang and irreverence of the packaging) to vegan snacks, vitamin supplements, healing skin care and supplements from South Africa, the Yes Bar (tailored for those adopting the Paleo diet in the new year). Herzog Wine Cellars, based in Oxnard, Calif., uncorked Bartenura, a positively delightful moscato from Provincia di Pavia, Italy and a 2010 cabernet sauvignon from Sonoma County produced for its own label.
   Balancing the event out as well as the state of mind of the guests was psychic Lisa Greenfield, who made some very uncanny observations and dispensed sound advice and easy meditations.
   In West Hollywood, a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of Golden Globes weekend Beverly Hills, the Privé Salon and Ona Spa provided a lovely safe haven for Colgate’s Optic White Beauty Bar, where celebrities and press could primp in a serene setting away from maddening crowds and throngs of paparazzi. This little gem not only offered guests a nice selection of Optic White products, but also some fantastic new products from Sexy Hair and Joico (demonstrated through blow-dries by Privé’s expert staff), a braid bar, Lifeway frozen kefir, manicures and makeup touch-ups.
   Celebrities on site getting prepped and primped included Jessica Szohr, Chloe Bridges, Crystal Reed, Cassie Scerbo, and Keke Palmer.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Just Jared/Privé Salon

Elyse Glickman

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