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The Secret Room Events for the 2014 Golden Globes: going to the dogs and cats


January 15, 2014/0.11

Top The Secret Room Events’ 2014 swag bag. Above Boheme Jewellery.

The intrepid ladies at the Secret Room Events have always had the best interests of animals at heart, especially with their long-standing associations with PETA and the Humane Society. However, they took that theme to the next level with their event celebrating the 2014 Golden Globes. Most of the grooming goodies and gadgets lined the front of the ballroom at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills reminded guests that a dog’s life could be a very good one in the hands of owners who care enough to not just rescue animals, but provide them all of the comforts of home.
   Hosting charity PETA certainly benefited from the clever way the event was organized, right down to an informational booklet that not only provided detailed information about the dogs’ best friends in Hollywood, but also recipes that could potentially make going vegan not just palatable but genuinely tempting. Even with the plethora of innovative new skin care lines and practitioners on hand, the dogs’ needs came first with Pet Head grooming products. Just as humans can invest in ultra-scientific mattresses from companies like SleepNumber and Duxiana, dogs and cats now can sleep more restfully on premium pet beds from Vivon and Sealy, the Porsche of pet beds with hidden zippers, foam bolsters, waterproof liner and non-slip bottom.
   Designer Jill Reno was back on the awards’ show scene showing off her fine jewellery and casual jewellery lines, while bold design pieces from Spain’s Boheme Jewellery and Australia’s Francesca Jewellery by Hannah Vasicek stopped guests in the tracks, driving home the message that bold, oversized statement jewellery is still hot (though small delicate designs are popular, too). That said, there was something at Secret Room we’ve not seen at a suite before—jewellery for the kitchen, in the form of Swiss Diamond cookware featuring a diamond coating for effortless and safe results with every meal.
   While animal rights charities are a hallmark of Secret Room, the press also loves the fact it brings together some of the most interesting brands of skin care coming on the market, from raw, all-natural products from Astara Raw Skin Care to Joey New York by Joey Chancis made with coconut water, Zen Society’s quirky mix of essentials for face, body and yoga mats (which need a lot of love in LA given the places the mats travel to) to Fairiche by Vicky Nguyen to services and products from Daisy Beverly Hills (a long-time skin care-to-the-stars veteran) and DNC Skincare. Kashmir Hair was back with their shampoos and conditioners for oft-ironed hair. Other fun participants include Masik Collegiate Fragrances (whose owner told me Syracuse University’s fragrances would be out soon) and Cate McNabb mineral cosmetics.
   Celebrities on hand include Bruce Dern (nominated for Nebraska), Colin Walker (nominated for The Butler), James DuMont (Dallas Buyers’ Club, and former classmate from Evanston Township High School—go Wildkits!), Jim O’Hare (nominated for US television series Parks & Recreation), and Joe Lo Truglio (Golden Globe winner for the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine).
   The proud platinum sponsors in the Secret Room Style Lounge was South Beach Skincare and Lifecell, and—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Secret Room Events

John Photography

Above German model Toni Garrn. Colin Walker, nominated for The Butler. James DuMont, from Dallas Buyers’ Club. Bruce Dern, nominated for Nebraska. Jim O’Hare, nominated for Parks & Recreation. Joe Lo Truglio, Golden Globe winner for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Celebrities at Swiss Diamond, showing off their cookware.

Elyse Glickman

Above At Masik Fragrances. Australia’s Francesca Jewellery. Jill Reno.

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