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New launches: natural skin care solutions for the season

Max & Madeleine and Dermaviduals have new launches in the natural skin care space
November 17, 2017/22.02

We haven’t sampled this new range yet, but we have heard that Dermaviduals has launched a customizable, pure line called Dermaviduals Deco. Dermaviduals’ managing director, Reika Roberts, notes: ‘Made from the highest quality ingredients, skin caring substances and natural moisturizers, Dermaviduals Deco is free from fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colours, mineral oils, silicones and amines. Products are gentle on the skin, enhancing the journey to skin health.’ They also colour-correct and diffuse light to hide imperfections, they inhibit melanin production, have antioxidant properties, and increase collagen production. There’s a foundation (NZ$107), a talc-free, light-reflecting loose powder (NZ$78), a mineral blush in three colours (NZ$53 each), liners available in four colours (NZ$24 each); and Cover and Conceal (NZ$59), which helps neutralize reddened skin with a chamomile ingredient. Now available in Australia and New Zealand—more at

   For our US readers, Max & Madeleine have organic moisturizing products that’ll help your skin this winter. The top-selling Detoxifying Mud Mask helps draw out impurities and toxins in facial pores; their hair oils help hydrate and strengthen the follicles, aiding hair growth and health. Their bath bombs calm, nourish and repair skin, using European sea salts, olive and marula oils, and oil blends, and are available in Citrus Bliss, Lovely Lavender, Breathe Easy, and Vanilla Coconut.
   Max & Madeleine’s Ultra Nourishing Body Oil also help nourish, using coconut, mango seed and shea nut seed oils for hydration and soothing. They also contain calendula extracts. Their black charcoal soap blends the calming ingredients from the company’s earlier black African soap and charcoal soap, helping those with body acne, psoriasis and rashes. Finally, Max & Madeleine’s Healing Balm soothes, heals and restore skin with calendula, coconut and sunflower oils, and shea and sweet mango butters. There’s more at

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