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Organic Spa Magazine gives the latest insights in health and wellness, at day-long NYC event

Lola Cristall heads to the Pierre Hotel for a day-long event hosted by Organic Spa Magazine, checking out the latest trends in health and wellness
May 7, 2018/10.49

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Beverley Moloney-Fishback, CEO and founder, and Rona Berg, editor-in-chief, of Organic Spa Magazine gathered members of the press to an intimate day-long event to discover must-have products and hot-spot spa-focused destinations in the health and wellness sectors. The Pierre Hotel, situated across the street from Central Park in New York City, hosted the spectacularly luxurious gathering. The highlighted brands all celebrate one special concept: feeling and looking good inside and out.
   Boirion focuses predominantly on homeopathy and is found in more than 50 countries with a wide range to choose from. Their creams soothe, calm and rejuvenate while their internal supplements target specific health issues—Boirion’s calendula cream, Coldcalm and Arnicare Gel are among those of interest. Lumene was also on hand, with a collection that focuses on flawlessly radiant and refreshed-looking skin. Launched in northern Finland, Nordic beauty and the region’s serene landscape serve as the brand’s main inspiration, utilizing natural, fresh ingredients. The Mad Hippie presented a natural skin care line that deeply cleanses, replenishes and nourishes. From their antioxidant facial oil that includes a high-quality mixture of pomegranate oil, blueberry extract, sea buckthorn berry and organic argan oil, to their exfoliating serum glycolic acid, made from sugar cane, goji berry, white tea and apple stem cell, their products combine effective ingredients for visible results.
   Continuing with the concept of natural brands in the wellness sector, Gaia Herbs’ Mood Uplift helps provide an uplifted state of mind thanks to ingredients including ginkgo, oats, passionflower, and rosemary. They use a long list of herbs to create their array of supplements, liquid extracts, powders and oils. Their Maca Root powders, Daily Cleanse Fiber, Black Elderberry Syrup, Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength, PlantForce Liquid Iron and others rely solely on plant-based ingredients. Gaia Herbs’ farm, based in North Carolina, provides many of these organic inputs, cultivating everything from dandelion root to elderflower.
   Aura Cacia introduced guests to their assortment of essential oils. Aura Cacia’s eucalyptus, mānuka, frankincense, lemon, lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang and other effective oils are refreshing and stimulating, thanks to their natural scents. While Aura Cacia stands out for their roll-ons, they are also offering body oils that provide an aromatherapy experience while calming the senses. Focusing on collagen, BioSil introduced guests to their mineral choline and silicon-infused supplements, which are potential advanced collagen generators. The clinically proven products aim to promote considerably nourished hair, nails and skin for a luminous and youthful glow. Other brands and destinations included Rescue Remedy, Sundara Inn & Spa, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, Sunrise Springs, Puremedy, Seed Phytonutrients, Now essential oils, Éminence (which targets stress as well as anxiety), and MegaFood.
   After discovering a variety of products and meeting with experts, the rest of the afternoon was dedicated to the Wellness around the Globe Symposium, with three distinct topics of interest: ‘What does wellness travel really mean?’; ‘Women & wellness beauty & travel’; and ‘Hot wellness travel and lifestyle trends’. Denise Austin, American author, columnist as well as fitness instructor, energized and revived the space with her concept of moving and staying fit to ensure a healthy and vigorous lifestyle.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

Donald Bowers Photography

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