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Lift your spirits and your skin in time for the holidays

Jody Miller fills us in (pun intended) on all the details
December 9, 2018/9.09

Looking younger may forever be is a priority for most of us, so the fast-approaching holiday and red carpet season make it a an urgent necessity. Sure, there’s lots of marvellous make-up and fabulous facials that do a decent job of covering up or provisionally improving our reflection, but those are temporary. Life is too short to spend hours applying make-up and expecting miracles from a fancy spa. There are non-surgical options that really do turn back the hands of time safely and effectively with long-term benefits to boot. And you don’t need to wait for Santa or summon a fairy godmother.
   Fiona Farley of MMC PR stopped in Los Angeles just long enough to address media for an intimate breakfast seminar to discuss Galderma Laboratories’ latest breakthrough in æsthetic medicine. Known primarily to plump and lift the mid-face area, Restalyne Lyft is now the first and only FDA-approved injectable for hands. In clinical trials, the hyaluronic acid filler proved immensely successful in adding visible volume to the hands. Now available to the general public, Restalyne Lyft promises to take anti-ageing solutions to new and existing consumers who are serious about looking their best. Experts in the medical and æsthetics field are excited about this new innovation, including Dr Sherly Soleiman, MD, owner and practitioner at Cosmetic Injectable Center in Encino, Calif. A board-certified physician, the highly in-demand Dr Soleiman states that she loves using hyaluronic acid fillers on areas that can be rejuvenated such as the hands and face.
   Farley also discussed Sculptra, a highly effective FDA-approved propriety formulation of L-lactic acid. By stimulating the skin’s natural collagen, lost facial volume is restored after a series of injections and lasts up to two years.
   Injection objection? No problem. While the desire to look our best may be universal, how one achieves that goal is an entirely personal matter. Media guests were invited to Ethereal Beauty & Lashes in Beverly Hills to sample BLA Beauty Fitness. Attendees had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with founder and inventor Dr Maryam Bakhtiyari and celebrity spokeswoman Carolyn Hennesy, star of General Hospital, in addition to numerous film and television appearances.
   BLA Beauty Appliance is a new manual appliance that promises more a more youthful jawline by doing some simple exercises just a few minutes a day. The non-invasive apparatus is portable and fits neatly in your purse so you can pucker up in your car, at work, or on the go. The result is fuller and more youthful lips and a firmer jawline. No batteries, no electrical cords and most important, no hassle.—Jody Miller, Correspondent

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