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New German brand Xumu releases oversized autumn–winter 2019–20 coat collection

New German brand Xumu shows elaborate, creative coats, launching later this month, reports Meg Hamilton
August 6, 2019/0.03

Last month in Berlin, Xumu launched their first collection, consisting entirely of large overcoats for both women and men. These giant coats are the brand’s way of disrupting boundaries and pushing the limits with their overstuffed appearance. The collection includes eight astonishingly designed garments, which all have their own distinctive size and shape. The coats come as one-size-fits-all and offer a unique silhouette guaranteed to keep their wearers warm. These Xumu coats are compatible with other specially designed accessories which are made to be useful and help their wearers realize their preferences.
   Xumu is a German fashion brand set up in Berlin. It focuses on creating both astonishingly bold pieces mixed with comfortable luxury. Their pieces are innovative and sustainable, capturing the essence of their signature Not a Big Deal approach. Everything about the brand is new, bold and vibrant, making each garment feel like a new journey you just need to put on. Their collections can be found worldwide on their official online store and are now featured in select department stores in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Turkey.
   The collection of eight coats from Xumu features a range of overcoats, from puffer jackets to plush. Some highlights from the collection feature their Volodimen coat which comes as an extra-long puffer coat with a customizable collar. The coat comes in a sheen of metallic blue and shows off the innovation of the brand’s fashion concepts by reflecting details that come from all over the world. The coat is wrought with personality and it offers its wearer the step out of the box that they might’ve been too afraid to take.
   Other highlights include Sultana, a puffer-plush ink black coat that is adorned in Swarovski crystals and offers a sense of luxury. The queen of coats, Sultana has a plushy outer surface which is soft to the touch and an inner surface that melts across your shoulders. It offers a comforting embrace with a special zipper along the design of the giant arm acting as a desirable shortcut. Bess offers a detachable handbag in its design and fits as a extra-long puffer coat. Its sustainable design offers a practical regency to the coat, its brash red colour bright and solid against any backdrop. Coats like Pucelle and Hardknud offer a glossier finish and unique collar designs.
   The puffer and plush coats by Xumu are now available to pre-order and can be found at their official store. The worldwide launch will be held on August 15.—Meg Hamilton

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