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EmBeba launches its long-awaited Rescue Balm

EmBeba extends its product line into something children over 10 and adults can use, with a concentrated balm to protect the skin, writes Riveka Thevendran
November 10, 2021/12.16

An independent family skin care company, EmBeba, announces the launch of Rescue Balm, a clean and multipurpose formula designed to soothe and protect the skin from common skin issues and harsh weather conditions. Following EmBeba’s popular Don’t Be Rash Diaper Balm, designed for newborns and toddlers, the Rescue Balm is more suitable for children above the age of ten and adults, with a highly concentrated formula for added strength. It helps fight chapped lips, dry elbows and hands, and acts as a rash remedy. It can also help battle the consequences of enjoying activities in harsh weather, such as skiing or running outside in winter, aiming to replace balms, ointments and salves with a single, catch-all product.

Rescue Balm is made especially for sensitive skin and is natural and cruelty-free with no added fragrances. EmBeba uses only limited ingredients in its products and ensures full ingredient transparency. Not only do EmBeba products comply with EU and Whole Foods’ premium body care ingredient standards, along with FDA regulations, they also undergo microbial testing, dermatologist and paediatrician testing, allergy and sensitive skin (HRIPT) tests, and heavy metal and pesticide residue testing.

The Rescue Balm contains natural ingredients such as beeswax, calendula, arnica flower, rosemary, peppermint, olive oil, eucalyptus, and others. The Rescue Balm also comes in a size that can easily fit in your bag or pocket, for ease of access. It retails for US$11·99 and is available for purchase at—Riveka Thevendran

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