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Fabulous sexagenarians: Jaclyn Smith, Olivia Newton-John

November 12, 2008/10.13

There’s a lot of talk about supermodels such as Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer continuing to model and scoring new campaigns, not to mention Vogue Paris’s new Cindy Crawford shoot, but the media haven’t really noticed celebrities in their 60s contributing to the Zeitgeist this year.    On TV screens in many countries is Olivia […]

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Win a trip to Tokyo or New York with Za


Here’s a tip from our friends at Za: a competition to win a trip to Tokyo or New York open to New Zealand residents. Check it out at Za itself is available from mid-November in New Zealand, with retailers listed at the See What Happens site. You may also like Rodney Wayne client wins […]

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Changes coming to the Lucire forum

November 10, 2008/9.34

We may be making some big changes to the Lucire forum this month. Once called StyleTalk, the forum has gone through quite a few incarnations, and its heyday was in 2003 when it was receiving tens of thousands of visitors regularly.    But with blogs becoming the norm, more successful forums opening up elsewhere, a […]

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Bond and feminism: our preview of Quantum of Solace

October 30, 2008/12.43

Olga Kurylenko as Camille, entering Medrano’s suite at Perla De Las Dunas, Bolivia, in Eon Productions’ Quantum of Solace. Photographed by Karen Ballard. With the worldwide première of the new James Bond ?lm, Quantum of Solace, almost upon us, we decided to run an article originally destined for the print edition of Lucire online today. […]

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Anne Hathaway, behind the scenes on Lancôme Magnifique

October 4, 2008/2.02

There’ll be more of this on the Lucire site and possibly in print: Anne Hathaway as the face of Lancôme Magnifique, the new fragrance from the French luxury brand. Below, courtesy of Lancôme, is a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the new commercial, directed by Peter Lindbergh. You may also like More of Anne […]

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Ralph Lauren Notorious commercial—the full version


We know we posted a clip from behind the scenes of the Ralph Lauren Notorious commercial, directed by Wong Kar-wai and starring Lætitia Casta, on September 12. Here’s a longer version, featuring the commercial as well as the making. You may also like Entertainment news: Zhang Zi Lin on modelling; more from Fashion for Relief; […]

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One more from our Miss Universe New Zealand ’08 shoot

October 2, 2008/12.18

Doug Rimington has a few behind-the-scenes shots from Tuesday’s shoot with Miss New Zealand Samantha Powell. I snapped one to ?nish off a roll of ?lm myself, which is below. This was shot in pretty dark conditions, f5·6, 1/30 sec, on my Voigtländer Bessamatic. Rebecca Connor, the reigning Miss Wellington and a top-?ve ?nisher herself […]

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New Zealand’s new beauty portal

/10.17 is the new portal dealing with beauty products in New Zealand. Lucire has chatted to Matt G. Clark, one of the driving forces behind the site, and he has talked about how he envisages the site to be an objective source about beauty products. While there’s backing from Æsthetic Solutions, readers can look forward […]

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Behind the scenes on Samantha Powell’s shoot

October 1, 2008/6.09

The weather is delightful today, but we had to wait till the late afternoon (i.e. after working hours) to see any sun yesterday during Miss Universe New Zealand Samantha Powell’s shoot. She was already suffering from food poisoning so she wasn’t in the best health, but was an absolutely wonderful sport despite our dragging her […]

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We’re photographing Sam, so pray for good weather

September 29, 2008/13.10

Left: It’s not even that good a quality (the technical aspects, not the subject) but this is one of the more regularly pirated shots of Samantha Powell online. Some blogging services have been kindly getting it removed from around the web on our behalf—one had this shot and another one of Jennifer Hawkins from this […]

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