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Zack and Miri’s title’s in the name of fun

October 24, 2008/5.52

Readers may have noticed a few ads on the Lucire site for the Kevin Smith movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Don’t worry: we haven’t gone R18 on the audience: it is a comedy and if you do click through, there’s nothing objectionable. The mini-site itself has an age verification page just to be […]

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Twenty years of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace

October 16, 2008/13.05

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to attend the 20th anniversary of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, officially in the capacity of the publisher of this magazine but also as a political candidate in the next General Election.    US ambassador Bill McCormick and his wife Gail were among the diplomatic guests. I didn’t recognize the […]

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Thumbs-up for Angelina Jolie’s breast-feeding

October 11, 2008/11.02

I was surprised to read in Entertainment Weekly that there is still controversy over public breast-feeding in the United States.    I largely agree with Mike Bruno at EW with his reactions to the cover of Advance Publications’ W, where actress Angelina Jolie is shown in a ‘private’ photograph breast-feeding her baby. The initial reaction: […]

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New York, photographed by Douglas Rimington


Every now and then, we archive things, and in doing that today, I came across these beautiful black-and-white photographs from Doug Rimington, shot in Manhattan. Some were run in the print editions of Lucire; others were not. Film, as the professionals will tell you, has more depth and character than digital photography, and I think […]

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US Life on Mars successfully charts the mood of our times

October 10, 2008/9.40

The American version of Life on Mars débuted in the United States last night and while we are still waiting for rating figures at the moment, it looks like it will be a hit. However, it will be for different reasons, despite a script for the première episode that is remarkably close to the original. […]

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From Marisa Miller and Harleys, to James Bond and Astons


Two motoring-related snippets this time—and I’ll keep it short given that this isn’t why some of you come to Lucire.    The first item relates to our most popular item this week: Harley–Davidson has released images of the photo shoot that model Marisa Miller appears in for its V-Rod Muscle model.    A video on […]

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US Life on Mars might point out where we are, not where we were

October 7, 2008/12.01

Above: The cast of the US remake of Life on Mars in their 1973 gear. From left, Jonathan Murphy as Det Chris Skelton, Harvey Keitel as Lt Gene Hunt, Jason O’Mara as Det Sam Tyler, Michael Imperioli as Det Ray Carling, and Gretchen Mol as Officer Annie Norris. (Promotional photograph courtesy ABC.) The American remake […]

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Anne Hathaway, behind the scenes on Lancôme Magnifique

October 4, 2008/2.02

There’ll be more of this on the Lucire site and possibly in print: Anne Hathaway as the face of Lancôme Magnifique, the new fragrance from the French luxury brand. Below, courtesy of Lancôme, is a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the new commercial, directed by Peter Lindbergh. You may also like More of Anne […]

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Ralph Lauren Notorious commercial—the full version


We know we posted a clip from behind the scenes of the Ralph Lauren Notorious commercial, directed by Wong Kar-wai and starring Lætitia Casta, on September 12. Here’s a longer version, featuring the commercial as well as the making. You may also like Official: Laetitia Casta is the new face of Ralph Lauren Notorious Entertainment […]

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Suddenly, the wheels are in motion

September 12, 2008/11.31

I can’t believe it’s a year since the passing of Dame Anita Roddick—something which we noted with sadness in Lucire. This came to mind when I read our write-up about another famous woman, who, without early detection through breast self-examination, might not be with us today: Olivia Newton-John.    We’ve had a strong record of […]

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