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Fiction from The New York Times, courtesy the Yes Men

November 12, 2008/21.51

A prank edition of The New York Times, published by the Yes Men, had me going a bit earlier today.    After receiving a realistic looking release and knowing that 1·2 million copies had gone out in print, it was a heck of an expensive prank from the liberal group. But it worked.    My […]

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European Car of the Year to be announced Nov. 17

November 11, 2008/7.22

Final voting is under way for the European Car of the Year 2009 and the result will be announced on the 17th inst. at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London at the Autocar Awards.    Interestingly, the shortlist is not too dissimilar from the Car to Be Seen in finalists that Lucire announces next month. […]

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Michelle Obama looked perfectly fine in Narciso Rodriguez

November 8, 2008/14.21

I know we are a fashion magazine, but to see polls criticize the United States’ future First Lady, Michelle Obama, for choosing a dress from the Narciso Rodriguez spring 2009 collection and to say it wasn’t up to snuff is a bit much.    Mrs Obama wore the dress at her husband’s victory speech on […]

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Bond and feminism: our preview of Quantum of Solace

October 30, 2008/12.43

Olga Kurylenko as Camille, entering Medrano’s suite at Perla De Las Dunas, Bolivia, in Eon Productions’ Quantum of Solace. Photographed by Karen Ballard. With the worldwide première of the new James Bond ?lm, Quantum of Solace, almost upon us, we decided to run an article originally destined for the print edition of Lucire online today. […]

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Photographer Doug Rimington interviewed in Frame Lines

October 27, 2008/3.54

One of our favourite photographers, Doug Rimington, is featured in the latest Frame Lines magazine out of Australia. You can read a full interview with Doug, who got his first fashion gig at Lucire, in Frame Lines’ PDFs (either low-res, at 2·7 Mbyte, or high-res, at 5 Mbyte). You may also like The people of […]

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Meghan McCain humanizes her Dad’s campaign

October 23, 2008/6.06

One of our team, who hails from Washington state, thinks I remind her of Gov. Sarah Palin when I say, ‘You betcha,’ which I have used as part of my regular speech for around 20 years. A lot of my family is American but it’s not from that, but from a line uttered by Andy […]

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From Marisa Miller and Harleys, to James Bond and Astons

October 10, 2008/5.08

Two motoring-related snippets this time—and I’ll keep it short given that this isn’t why some of you come to Lucire.    The first item relates to our most popular item this week: Harley–Davidson has released images of the photo shoot that model Marisa Miller appears in for its V-Rod Muscle model.    A video on […]

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Was newspaper editor dropped due to sexuality?

October 4, 2008/13.23

Finland’s news outlets have been reporting heavily on the cancellation of Johanna Korhonen’s appointment to editor-in-chief by newspaper Lapin Kansa, allegedly because of her registered civil union with a woman.    Lapin Kansa’s parent company, Alma Media, has denied that the cancellation has anything to do with Korhonen’s private life and has said it was […]

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New Zealand’s new beauty portal

October 2, 2008/10.17 is the new portal dealing with beauty products in New Zealand. Lucire has chatted to Matt G. Clark, one of the driving forces behind the site, and he has talked about how he envisages the site to be an objective source about beauty products. While there’s backing from Æsthetic Solutions, readers can look forward […]

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In defence of lipstick


Above: Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Sarah Palin. On the experience question, Sen. Obama had it easy with the American media. And no one questioned whether any of the men vying for the top two executive spots in the United States would be a fit father by pursuing his career. It has been fascinating to […]

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