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GM’s Opel Insignia is European Car of the Year


November 17, 2008/21.55

Opel Insignia

I hope this is the last car post for a while since we are in danger of turning into a car blog. The Opel Insignia has won European Car of the Year, so I was wrong on my guess that a Ford would take the position.
   The Ford Fiesta lost by one point: 320 to the Opel’s 321.
   Volkswagen’s Golf VI was well behind in third at 223.
   This year, 19 had the second-placed Ford Fiesta as their pick, pipped by the 20 who chose the Opel Insignia.
   The other cars and their scores were: Citroën C5, 198; Alfa Romeo MiTo, 148; Škoda Superb, 144; and Renault Mégane, 121.
   The Opel Insignia is called the Vauxhall Insignia in the UK and the Buick Regal in China.

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